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What are tennis leagues?

Ever walk by a tennis club on a summer’s night and hear the roar of applause and shouts of ‘Come on!’? You probably just passed by a league match. Tennis leagues are not well known outside of the tennis world. Why is that? Only major tennis tournaments featuring world class players are televised. But unbeknownst to the general public, tennis leagues are one of the most popular activities in the tennis world. At the beginning of each season, leagues are often the first program to fill up!

Unlike tournaments, leagues operate in team formats. Teams compete against one another in singles or doubles. Team captains select players of similar levels to compete against one another to ensure a fun and competitive match.

Depending on the scope of the league, there are junior/adult leagues, house leagues, school leagues, university leagues and club leagues. Leagues range from as many as 7,000 participants to as little as 30. Regardless of your age or playing level, there is a league suitable for you!

If you ever see a co-worker rushing out of work with a racquet in hand, ask them what tennis league they play in and how you can join!

Why play in tennis leagues?

As a player, you get to play right away! Leagues are set up to match players of similar abilities against one another. There is no need to wait until you’re at a certain skill level – simply, get better by playing!

The team setting allows players from all walks of life to create lifelong friendships. It is also a great way to meet new hitting partners! For juniors and new players, the league system is a great way to introduce them to competition. By competing on a team, the pressure of winning or losing becomes less for the individual. Rather, every player does his or her best to contribute to the team’s success and have fun!

Leagues will keep players fit and healthy by offering approximately 1 to 2.5 hours of tennis per week. It is a great way to get regular exercise. So why wait any longer? Join a local team and experience the joy of weekly matches!

Interested in getting involved in a league?

For more information, check out your province’s programs:

Province Category League Website
ON Adultes Toronto Men’s League www.tmtl.tenniscores.com
ON Adultes Men’s Winter Tennis Get in touch with the winter club in your region.
ON Adultes National Capital Tennis Association https://ncta.ca/
ON Adultes Lakeshore League www.thelakeshoreleague.com
ON Adultes Windoor Ladies League www.ladieswindoor.com/contact.php 
ON Adultes Toronto Ladies Tennis League http://www.tenniscores.com/newindex.php?newid=1%252FFq5qe6Feo%253D
ON Adultes ICTA with a Mixed, Ladies, Juniors and 55 Plus www.intercountytennis.com
BC Adultes South Island Tennis League www.sitatennis.ca
BC Adultes BC Interior Ladies League www.tennisbc.org/adult-tennis/leagues
BC Adultes BC Spring Adult Leagues www.tennisbc.org/adult-tennis/leagues
BC Adultes Seniors Men’s Tennis www.tennisbc.org/adult-tennis/leagues
BC Adultes Masters Ladies Tennis League www.tennisbc.org/adult-tennis/leagues
BC Adultes Ladies Dogwood League www.tennisbc.org/adult-tennis/leagues
QC Adultes Tennis Montreal Leagues www.tennismontreal.qc.ca/tennis-montreal/ligues-de-tennis/ligues-recreatives.html
MB Adultes Manitoba Team Tennis League www.tennismanitoba.com/leagues/#details
AB Adultes Tennis Edmonton Association – Interclub www.tenniscores.com/newindex.php?newid=ej1GY7acKrY%3D
AB Adultes Edmonton Area Mixed Doubles League www.tenniscores.com/newindex.php?newid=%2FqSZSkuBv10%3D
AB Adultes Edmonton Elite League Tennis eliteleague.leagueapps.com
AB Adultes Calgary Interclub Tennis http://www.tenniscores.com/

…or visit your province’s official page:

Interested in getting your child involved in a league?


  • 90% of parents would register their children in leagues again
  • 30% of league participants have since registered for other tennis programs
  • 80% of players would like to continue playing tennis

Skills Development

  • 100% of parents saw improvement
  • 90% of coaches saw improvement
  • 90% of league organizers observed their players had more fun in leagues than other tennis programs
  • 100% of league organizers recommend leagues to other clubs/organizers

Find our more information on our Rogers Community Team Tennis page.