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Wheelchair Players and Coaches


Did you know that our National High Performance players are among the best players in the world? They have represented Canada at major international events, such as Paralympic and Parapan Am Games as well as World Team Cup. All the national team members play 10-15 tournaments on average per year as part of the ITF circuit all around the world.

Date of Birth: 28 June 1976
Hometown: Ancaster, ON
Best ITF Singles Ranking: 21

My favorite tournament is the… Midwest Open in Grand Rapids….because it well run with a great venue. I travel with my family to that tournament every year.

I knew wheelchair tennis was MY sport when… I broke my neck.

My best experience on tennis court was… playing for Canada at the WTC.

The best match I ever played was when… I came back from 5-2 0-40 and down a set to win the match.

My favorite shot is… when my ball hits the net and then dribbles over to the opponent’s side.

The area of my game that needs the most improvement is… mobility.

My favorite able bodied player is… Federer, because he’s a great champion.

Representing Canada at WTC/Paralympics means… I got my ranking up high enough. Actually, it’s an honor not many people get to experience.

If there was one rule in tennis I could change it would be… when a player serves first in a tie break it shouldn’t count as a service game. They should still have the serve in the next set.

My favorite food is… meat and mashed potatoes.

My favorite beverage is… milk. Alcoholic beverage is a Caesar.

A perfect day to me is… playing tennis and coming home to my family which happens a lot!

My favorite YouTube clip is… my son playing Wii.

Date of Birth: May 18/1985

Hometown: Esterhazy, SK

My favorite tournament is… Toyota Open International de L’ile de Rae, France

I knew wheelchair tennis was MY sport when I .. hit my first winner

My best experience on a tennis court was… won my first 3rd set tie breaker in a 3 hour match at the US Open

My favorite shot is… topspin forehand

Representing Canada at WTC/Paralympics means… the culmination of hard work and a dream come true

My favorite able bodied player is…Nick Kyrgios

If there was one rule in tennis I could change it would be… to eliminate tiebreaks

My favorite food is… Thai and Indian curries

My favorite beverage is… skinny vanilla latte

A perfect day to me is… any day when I’m on court

My favorite YouTube clip is… the 2 minute rally during the 2016 Rio Paralympic doubles final

Date of Birth: 06/12/1989
Hometown: North Bay
My favorite tournament is… last year my favourite tournament was the Vancouver International ITF3 tournament held at Kits Beach. The venue is great, the tennis is great, and the organizers are amazing! I knew wheelchair tennis was MY sport when I ..first rolled onto a court 3 months after my injury.
My best experience on tennis court was… winning my first national singles and doubles title.
My favorite shot is… my forehand
My favorite able bodied player is… Roger Federer and of course Fabrice Santoro
If there was one rule in tennis I could change it would be… that all quads have to tape their hand to the racquet
My favorite food is… homemade chicken and dumplings (although seared tuna is a close 2nd)
My favorite beverage is… 3.25% Milk on the rocks
A perfect day to me is… waking up, going to the office, getting my work done, hitting the gym,
hitting the courts, and then going to bed.
My favorite YouTube clip is… freestyle basement golfing

Birthdate: May 19 1999

Hometown: Anmore, BC

My favorite tournament is…the Birmingham Canadian Nationals

My best experience on a tennis court was…   reaching the 2016 Canadian Nationals  Men’s doubles finals

My favorite shot is… forehand topspin or flat

My favorite able bodied player is… Milos Raonic

The Paralympics are… my goal

My favorite food is..chicken

My favorite beverage is… Dr. Pepper

A perfect day to me is… sleeping in, then playing games with my friends


Our coaches have a distinguished record coaching able-bodied players as well as wheelchair players. Some of them have an international background and some of them have even played competitively at a world-class level.




ksNational Coach, Wheelchair Tennis

  • A former World N0. 1 and Paralympic Silver Medalist
  • Tennis Canada Coach 3 certification
  • Development Coach for ITF Silver Fund
  • Assistant Coach for BC Wheelchair Sports Association
  • Various coaching positions in native Germany
  • With Tennis Canada since 2010
  • Main responsibility: grassroots development and management of National Team

cgTouring Coach, Wheelchair Tennis

  • Level 4 coach and club pro 2
  • Touring coach for Tennis Canada and Tennis Québec.
  • Coached juniors players that have won National, i.e Mélanie Marois with more than 10 titles.
  • Course conductor for coach 1 and coach 2 for Tennis Canada
  • Personal coach of former top Canadian wheelchair tennis player Hélène Simard
  • 10 time World Team Cup Coach for Tennis Canada’s Wheelchair Tennis Teams

weHead of Tennis Canada Coaching Development and Certification in British Columbia

  • Provided coaching training to over 1500 coaches.
  • A main contributor to the Tennis Canada Coaching Certification program
  • Written articles and coaching materials for the PTR, Tennis Corporation of America, Tennis Coaches Australia, and the International Tennis Federation. He is a popular speaker at coaching conferences world-wide
  • A Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) as recognized by the Professional coaching association, Coaches of Canada
  • Coached 3 wheelchair players to top 10 world
  • Created Tennis Canada’s Wheelchair Instructor Course
  • Inducted into the City of Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame in the coaching category

smProvincial Wheelchair Tennis Coach, British Columbia

  • Coaching education in native Australia
  • worked at Hazelmere Tennis Club, White Rock
  • works with ‘Tennis is Fun’ school tennis program
  • certified Club Pro 1, currently completing Club Pro 2
  • coached Canadian Junior team to 4th place at 2017 BNP Paribas World Team Cup in Italy

Certified Instructor and Club Pro 1

  • Tennis coach at the Niagara Academy of Tennis from 2009-2014
  • Junior Program Director from 2011-2014
  • Grimsby Tennis Club Pro 2010-Current
  • Wheelchair Instructor Certification
  • Personal coach for Gary Luker

  • Tennis Canada Coach 3, Wheelchair Instructor
  • Director of High Performance at The Surrey Tennis Centre & Tennis BC Provincial Coach
  • 10 years experience in High Performance coaching, developed numerous Provincial & ITF Junior Champions
  • Previously Tennis AB Provincial & Touring Coach for 8 years. Head Coach for Team Alberta at the 2017 Canada Summer Games
  • Mitch McIntyre’s personal coach