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Distinguished Service Award Nomination

2018 Distinguished Service Awards were presented to:

  • Nancy Taylor, NFLD
  • OTA, ON
  • Tony Eames, ON
  • Dennis Huss, ON
  • Anne-Marie & D’Amico Family, ON
  • Lambton Golf and Tennis Club, ON
  • Peter Jensen and Laura McCain, ON
  • Donald F. Hunter  Charitable Foundation, ON
  • David Job, ON
  • Stan Hannaford, ON
  • In Memory of Jean MacPherson, NS
  • David Clark, NB
  • Francois Castonguay, Uniprix, QC
  • John Henley, NFLD
  • Ted Misztela and Jamie Power, NS
  • Jamie and Nicole Bagnell, NS
  • Slavica Jovic, NWT
  • Hart Pollack, MN
  • Gerry Goldberg, QC
  • Diane Giard, Banque Nationale, QC
  • Lynn Jeanniot, Banque Nationale, QC
  • Jean Laporte, Rogers Communications, QC
  • Sylvain Roy, Rogers Communications, QC
  • Fadel Chbihna , Rogers Communications, QC
  • Hector MacKay-Dunn, BC
  • Petr and Tom Pospisil, BC
  • John McMurch, BC

The Nomination Process

Any two citizens of Canada who have reached the age of majority can recommend individuals, companies, associations, municipal parks and recreation groups, and private or community clubs/venues. The awards are presented in conjunction with the provincial association at a suitable event in the province.

The award is presented to members of the tennis family (individuals, associations, companies) who have made a positive impact on the game. To be considered for the award, the candidate must have a record of involvement (minimum five years) at the national, provincial or community level in one of the following areas: ” Demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the sport as an organizer of tournaments, leagues, special events or developmental programs and activities. ” Makes a significant contribution to the growth and popularity of the game through club management, community club involvement, parks & recreation programs, elementary and secondary school programs or university leagues and events. ” Contributes to the development of the game by providing leadership in the areas of coaching or technical expertise including site and court design. ” Acts as a positive role model for youth by demonstrating exceptional sportsmanship and commitment to the game of tennis. ” Makes a significant or ongoing financial contribution in support of events, leagues or developmental programs. ” Creates a heightened awareness and interest in tennis through media or the arts. ” Makes a significant contribution to the game of tennis by volunteering their time and skills at tournaments, promotions, community activities and any other developmental programs that help to grow the game.

  1. Identify a deserving candidate in your community.
  2. Solicit a seconder for your nomination.
  3. Complete the enclosed nomination form including all pertinent information. Please send by mail or email at one of the addresses below.
  4. Attach letters of support, media articles or any other written documentation.
  5. Return the package to Tennis Canada by June 1, 2020.
  6. Tennis Canada reviews and verifies the submissions.
  7. Nominators will be notified of the status of the application by June 30, 2020.
  8. Awards will be presented at a suitable occasion in the recipient’s home province.

Questions or comments can be directed to the attention of:
Lesley Stiles
(416) 650-7931

Distinguished Service Awards
c/o TENNIS CANADA, Lesley Stiles
1 Shoreham Drive, Suite 100
Toronto, ON. M3N 3A6

Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form

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Please send additional documentation, articles, letters of support, or other information to:

Lesley Stiles

Distinguished Service Awards
c/o TENNIS CANADA, Lesley Stiles
1 Shoreham Drive, Suite 100
Toronto, ON. M3N 3A6