Strategic Plan

In tennis, you need a good strategy to win. If the goal is to ensure that the sport has a strong future in Canada, a good strategy is just as important.

Fortunately, we are starting from a position of strength – that being the game itself. Tennis is a game that capable of making its impact on virtually everyone. It is played by both genders, by people with physical disabilities and among all ethnic groups. You can start playing when you're 6 and still be swinging that racquet when you're 60.

Our strategy involves developing a strong infrastructure capable of fulfilling our stated mission, vision and values. We're striving to develop a national competitive tennis system that accounts for the needs of all players – from those playing on a neighbourhood public court to those representing Canada at a future Rogers Cup.

Our vision is to be a leading sport and recreational activity nationally and to consistently rank among the world's top tennis nations.

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There are countless young Canadian tennis players out there on our nation’s courts who can hit a blistering serve or a cannon of a backhand. But it takes more than natural talent to make it on the tennis circuit.

That's where the Long Term Athletic Development plan comes in.

In an effort to foster both the love of the game and the talent of someone who could very well be tomorrow’s rising star, the plan is set out in 8 stages. Throughout these stages, young players learn that physical literacy is the foundation for being active, healthy and for achieving personal best performances at all levels of competition. In other words, even if they never make it to Wimbledon, we teach them how to get the most out of the game and how to play at their best. Our goal is to ensure that all who pick up the game have an opportunity to enjoy the lifetime benefits of playing.

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