Paralympic Gold Medallist Visits Little Aces Wheelchair Tennis Program
November 27, 2012

The kids from the Mississauga Little Aces wheelchair tennis program received an unexpected guest last Saturday, as Billy Bridges, a double Paralympic gold medallist in sledge hockey, stopped by to pay the group a visit. Bridges is also an avid tennis player and competes on the Scotiabank Wheelchair Tennis Circuit.

“The kids were great,” Bridges said. “It was awesome to see how much fun they had hitting that tennis ball. I will definitely come back and help with the development of the program. Thanks again for the opportunity to work with those adorable little tennis players!"

“Billy's interaction with the kids was superb," said Hatem McDadi, vice-president of tennis development, Tennis Canada. “He connected with the kids and inspired all of us. The parents commented after how good this was for the kids.”

The Mississauga Little Aces wheelchair tennis group is a pilot project run by Albert Fong and his team at the Ontario Racquet Club in Mississauga, Ont. The program aims at introducing kids with a physical disability to wheelchair tennis. 

“We’ve had a great start to our program,” Fong said. “The kids are doing amazing which is beyond our expectation. Currently, we are teaching them natural positioning, set up, forehand, backhand, and more. And how great to have a champion like Billy come out and support the kids!"

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