1. How does a tournament determine whose name goes on top on the scoreboard?

a.     it’s done alphabetically
b.     it’s done by ranking
c.     it’s done according to who serves first
d.     it’s done by position in the draw

2. How many bottles of champagne does it take to fill the Davis Cup?

a.     29
b.     37
c.     it cannot be filled because there’s a tiny hole in the bowl
d.     32 ½ bottles if chilled at 7 degrees C.

3. This picture of Frank Dancevic was taken during the 2013 US Open. There seems to be a square shape in his hair. When shown the picture, what was his reaction?

a.      “That’s hilarious I never noticed!”
b.     “My wife messed up when she was cutting my hair.”
c.     “My barber tried to cut a ‘maple leaf’ in my hair.”
d.     “The ice inside my hat must have left that shape.”

4. Hypothetical: Federer serves a clean ace against Nadal but Rafa notices that the ball is broken (cracked) and shows it to the umpire. What happens?

a.     it still counts as an ace
b.     it’s not counted and the serve is replayed
c.     it’s a judgment call by the umpire
d.     the ball is repaired and put back in play

5. Where (left to right) do the interviewee (left) and the two interviewers pictured above come from?

a.     South Africa, Sweden and USA.
b.     Poland, South Africa and Britain
c.     Germany, USA and Belgium
d.     Poland, Sweden and Britain

6. On June 25, 1984, a player walked onto Centre Court at Wimbledon wearing a pair of dark blue shorts (strictly prohibited by Wimbledon’s ‘predominantly white’ rule). He was, of course, told to change. Who was he?

a.     Slobodan Zivojinovic
b.     Ilie Nastase
c.     Buster Mottram
d.     John McEnroe

7. The chairman of the All England Club between 1983 and 1989 was R.E.H. (Reginald Edward Hawke) ‘Buzzer’ Hadingham. How did he get the name Buzzer?

a.     it was a mispronunciation of the word “brother” by one of his siblings.
b.     because he had to default the final of the St. Paul’s Public School tennis tournament when he was stung by a bee
c.     because as a teacher at St. Paul’s he introduced a buzzer to replace the traditional bell that signaled the end of classes.
d.     because he once smoked marijuana before umpiring a county match in Dorset.

8. What’s the absolute maximum number of points a player can earn in the ATP rankings in one year? For reference, No. 1-ranked Rafael Nadal finished with 13,030 in 2013, Novak Djokovic had 12,260.

a.     20,000
b.     21,275
c.     21,625
d.     22,000

9. This couple, photographed at Wimbledon in 2012, are both from:

a.     Spain
b.     Serbia
c.     Russia
d.     USA

10. What happens when a serve hits the singles stick on the net and lands good – or when the ball hits the singles stick during a point and lands good?

a.     in both cases it does not count
b.     in both cases the ball is in play
c.     on serve it counts but is not good during a rally
d.     on serve it’s not good but it counts during a rally

11. Who is this out-of-focus player on the 2012 US Open practice courts?

a.     Roger Federer
b.     Milos Raonic
c.     Brian Baker
d.     David Ferrer

12. When was the last time Queen Elizabeth II appeared for a champion’s presentation ceremonies at Wimbledon?

a.     when Virginia Wade won in 1977.
b.     when Pete Sampras won in 1993.
c.     when Evonne Goolagong won in 1980.
d.     when the ceremony was moved to Ascot in 1971.
13. Who is this man in a suit at the ’13 US Open?

a. Roger Federer’s agent Tony Godsick
b. tennis writer Jon Wertheim
c. new ATP executive chairman Chris Kermode
d. Rogers Cup tournament director Karl Hale

14. In which Grand Slam country would you expect to find this sign?

a.     Australia
b.     Britain
c.     France
d.     USA

15. Who was the last man to win a Grand Slam singles tournament using a wood racquet?

a.     Yannick Noah at the 1983 French Open
b.     Brian Teacher at the 1980 Australian Open
c.     John McEnroe at the 1984 US Open
d.     Bjorn Borg at Wimbledon in 1980

16. Who was the last woman to win a Grand Slam singles title using a wood racquet?

a.     Hana Mandlikova at the 1985 US Open
b.     Chris Evert at the 1982 Australian Open
c.     Chris Evert at the 1983 French Open
d.     Evonne Goolagong at Wimbledon in 1980

17. Which one of these four men has been in a Grand Slam final?

a.     end left
b.     middle left
c.     middle right
d.     end right

18. If a second serve tips the top of the net and then directly hits the receiver before landing, what’s the ruling?

a.     the point is replayed
b.     the receiver loses the point
c.     the second serve is replayed
d.     point is replayed if it hits the receiver’s feet

19. Who is Eugenie Bouchard’s doubles partner in this picture?

a.     a Brit
b.     a Croat
c.     a Russian
d.     a Ukrainian

20. What do these two guys have in common?

a.     both are Davis Cup captains
b.     both have career wins over a world No. 1
c.     both have played in a record-setting (duration) Grand Slam match
d.     both have played in wrap-around sunglasses on the ATP tour.

21. The 1968 British Hard Court Championships was the first ‘open’ tournament where amateurs and professionals were allowed to compete against each other. What is the irony of the tournament’s name?

a.     it was played on clay
b.     it was played on grass
c.     it was played in Malaga, Spain
d.     only Her Majesty’s subjects in Fred Perry clothing were permitted to play

22. These two guys are:

a.     well-known Hollywood actors
b.     brothers
c.     ATP tour umpires
d.     the 1986 Wimbledon doubles champions

23. If a ball loses its pressure but is not broken, and the player losing the point shows it to the umpire, what happens?

a.     point is replayed if umpire discards the ball
b.     point stands
c.     point is replayed and new ball introduced
d.     umpire (if Lahyani) puts ball in pocket and smiles

Mauricio Paiz

24. What’s happening in this picture from Court 1 at Roland Garros in 2013?

a.     Milos Raonic’s shirt is unraveling
b.     a black ball from the crowd is narrowly missing Raonic
c.     a tennis reporter is affecting a Parisian scarf look
d.     Raonic’s agent Amit Naor is watching him

25. What’s with the green mat (top) at the Royal Box end of Centre Court during the last match at Wimbledon in 2013, the mixed doubles final?

a.     it’s covering a mess after a pitcher of Pimms toppled from the Royal Box
b.     mat is 12 inches wide so it stays out of view of the patrons in the front row of the Royal Box
c.     it is “Spring Green 3” on the universal colour chart, closest to Centre Court grass
d.     none of the above

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