Tennis on TV

Want to know what time to set your alarm clock for that final match during the Aussie Open? Or can’t quite make it to Montreal for the Coupe Rogers? Check out our TV listings so you can start planning when to play your matches around when our Canadian stars are playing theirs.

Australian Open

Date Time (ET) Round Network
 January 24  3am-7am  Third  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 24  9am-1pm (Encore)  Third  TSN2
 January 24  7pm-9pm  Round of 16  TSN1/3/5
 January 24  9pm-2am  Round of 16  TSN1/3/5
 January 25  3am-7am  Round of 16  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 25  9am-1pm (Encore)  Round of 16  TSN2
 January 25  7pm-9pm  Round of 16  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 25  9pm-2am  Round of 16  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 26  3am-6:30am  Round of 16  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 26  1pm-5pm (Encore)  Round of 16  TSN4/5
 January 26  7pm-9pm  Quarterfinals  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 26  9pm-2am  Quarterfinals  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 27  3am-6am  Quarterfinals  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 27  1pm-5pm (Encore)  Quarterfinals  TSN4/5
 January 27  7pm-9pm  Quarterfinals  TSN1/4/5
 January 27  9pm-2am  Quarterfinals  TSN1/4/5 (TSN3 at 9:30pm)
 January 28  3:30am-6am  Quarterfinals  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 28  1pm-5pm (Encore)  Quarterfinals  TSN4/5
 January 28  9:30pm-2am  Women's Semifinals  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 29  3:30am-6am  Men's Semifinal #1  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 29  1pm-5pm (Encore)  Semifinals  TSN4/5
 January 30  3:30am-6am  Men's Semifinal #2  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 30  1pm-5pm (Encore)  Semifinals  TSN4/5
 January 31  3am-5:30am  Women's Final  TSN1/3/4/5
 January 31  3:30pm-6pm (Encore)  Women's Final  TSN2
 February 1  3am-6:30am  Men's Final  TSN1/3/4/5
 February 1  2:30pm-6pm  Men's Final  TSN2