University Programs

If morning practices on the courts and weekend tournaments across your province were a key part of your high school experience, than all that hard work, effort and dedication might pay off with the chance to play post secondary tennis. This opportunity could potentially lead to attending a Canadian university and participating in the Canadian University National Championships, or attending a U.S college on a scholarship. The chance to further your education while enhancing your skills and competing against the country’s best post secondary players is a fantastic opportunity. Many professional tennis players today iterate the importance of education, crediting it for the person and player they have become today. Competing in post secondary tennis goes a long way in the athlete you can eventually become; while the education received doing so can go even further.

The NCAA Scholarship Program

Tennis Canada has identified the college system as a viable developmental tool for high performance.  The Tennis Canada College Program is committed to helping qualified high school student-athletes enjoy the enriching and rewarding experience of competing in their favorite sport while earning a university degree.

The program assists with a smooth transition from junior to college tennis and provides information to Canadian players on how to succeed as a “student-athlete”.  The Tennis Canada College Program serves three stakeholders:  high performance players, their parents and college coaches.

The opportunity for these student athletes to receive an NCAA Athletic Scholarship is available as well. Through hard work in school and meeting the NCAA academic and athletic requirements, student athletes can be rewarded.

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About Canadian University Tennis

University tennis in Canada has grown immensely over the past couple years. The opportunities for Canadian university students to participate in tennis are growing with the increasing number of schools implementing tennis programs. Although tailored to all students, university tennis appeals specifically to:

  • Students who are not eligible for a U.S scholarship
  • Post Grad students who are completing their degree in Canada
  • Students who do not qualify for a U.S college scholarship
  • Students who prefer to stay in Canada to complete their degree and play tennis

Students have the chance to play high quality university tennis in Canada that could lead to participating in regional tournaments and even the Canadian University National Championships hosted at the Rogers Cup presented by National Bank. For full information regarding the Canadian University National Championships, click here.

For information regarding university tennis in Canada, click here.