Davis Cup, Fed Cup & Major Games

Tennis Canada competes in all major international junior team events, providing unique development opportunity and assisting athlete preparation for the flagship international team events: Davis Cup, Fed Cup.

These international age group events are as follows:

World Junior Tennis (WJT) (U14)

Qualifying Date: May

Main Draw Date: August

Junior Davis & Fed Cup (U16)

Qualifying Date: May

Main Draw Date: September

Both the WJT & Jr. Davis/Fed Cup have zonal qualifying in which Canada must participate to earn the opportunity to compete in the World Championships. The location of this event rotates every two years among the following three countries (Canada, the USA, and Mexico).

A pre-qualifying event is also held. The top finishers in each event, is promoted to compete in the FINAL qualifying event against Canada the USA, & Mexico.

Davis Cup & Fed Cup

Overview of program:

As the flagship programs of our department, Davis Cup, Fed Cup represent the pinnacle of international team event participation. Representing Canada in these events is one of the highest honors available in our high performance player development program.

Process for Squad and Team Selection:

The Davis and Fed Cup squad selection committee will be responsible for choosing these squads. The committee is comprised of the Team Captain, Team Coach and VP of High Performance.

Benefits to Squad Members:

  • Wildcards (see wildcard guidelines)
  • Carding (if meet eligibility requirements)
  • Touring assistance prior to a tie (captain or designated coach)
  • Access to Sports Science/Sport Medicine services

Olympics and Pan Am Games

Overview of Olympics:
It is a major multi-sport event for athletes, held every four years between competitors from all over the world.
Overview of Pan Am Games:
The Pan American Games constitute a major event in the Americas featuring summer and formerly winter sports, in which thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions. The competition is held between athletes from nations of the