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It’s #TennisDay in Canada

May 13, 2017
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada
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Happy #TennisDay Canada! An avid player or looking picking up a racquet for the first time, everyone is encouraged to play tennis today.

Where can you play? Over 150 clubs across the country are ready to welcome you with open arms.

And if you’re out playing today, make sure to share your experience with us on social media using #TennisDay & you could win Rogers Cup tickets!

Check back here throughout the day to see how your fellow Canadians are celebrating tennis. Happy playing!!

Morning clinics are done and #tennisday in Canada activities have kicked off for the afternoon. 🇨🇦🎾☀️️

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Getting out there and enjoying #TennisDay in #Stouffville #Canada 🎾

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#Tennisday for juniors – it was a blast. Thank you all for coming. #OTA #tenniscanada @merchanttennis

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Future players! #canada150 #tennisday #yxe #tennis

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#tennisday in Canada 🇨🇦 #donaldaclub #tennis #wilson #fun

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