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About the Brand

In 2015, Tennis Canada marks its 125th year as stewards of the sport in Canada. With this milestone came the decision to re-brand Tennis Canada and increasingly promote tennis across the country in new and innovative ways. After consulting with Canadian tennis players, fans, coaches, parents, and clubs through the #TennisIsCanada social campaign, and a coast-to-coast tour by Tennis Canada’s CMO, Mark Healy, a number of things became clear:

In Canada, tennis is undergoing a tremendous positive transformation, with unprecedented interest and support for Canadian players. For the first time, two Canadians are ranked top 10 in the world. Canada’s Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams are experiencing great success, and with over 6 million Canadians regularly playing tennis, the interest in the sport in Canada is at an all-time high.

A number of elements, working together, will help Tennis Canada bolster and nurture this high interest in tennis. Tennis Canada’s multi-pronged approach includes an organizational re-brand, a new logo, a new website with wider-ranging content, and a national campaign: Live the Moment/#LiveTheMoment.

The “Live the Moment” campaign focuses on the human side of tennis, the human moments that underpin the game and reveal your character. Its goal is to celebrate the unique qualities of tennis – very Canadian qualities – which we most associate with the game: grace, perseverance, honour, passion, excellence, discipline, sportsmanship, respect and family.

Tennis Canada is striving to lead the growth of tennis in Canada to make Canada a world-leading tennis nation. With the new brand, and ongoing awareness promotion, Tennis Canada will connect with fans and Canadians in ways like never before. Tapping into the emotions of the key moments in tennis, the human moments, the fresh brand and campaign will reach new players and new fans, while stoking the existing passion shown by current players and fans.

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