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Distinguished Service Awards

The Tennis Canada Distinguished Service Awards are presented to members of the tennis family who have made a positive impact on the game and have had a minimum of five years involvement at the national, provincial or community level.

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  • Nancy Taylor, NFLD
  • OTA, ON
  • Tony Eames, ON
  • Dennis Huss, ON
  • Anne-Marie & D’Amico Family, ON
  • Lambton Golf and Tennis Club, ON
  • Peter Jensen and Laura McCain, ON
  • Donald F. Hunter  Charitable Foundation, ON
  • David Job, ON
  • Stan Hannaford, ON
  • In Memory of Jean MacPherson, NS
  • David Clark, NB
  • Francois Castonguay, Uniprix, QC
  • John Henley, NFLD
  • Ted Misztela and Jamie Power, NS
  • Jamie and Nicole Bagnell, NS
  • Slavica Jovic, NWT
  • Hart Pollack, MN
  • Gerry Goldberg, QC
  • Diane Giard, Banque Nationale, QC
  • Lynn Jeanniot, Banque Nationale, QC
  • Jean Laporte, Rogers Communications, QC
  • Sylvain Roy, Rogers Communications, QC
  • Fadel Chbihna , Rogers Communications, QC
  • Hector MacKay-Dunn, BC
  • Petr and Tom Pospisil, BC
  • John McMurch, BC


  • Michael McLoughlin
  • Nicole Norbert
  • Jacques Hrisset
  • Tom and Cara Nicolopoulos
  • Alan Brown
  • Mamdouh Shoukri
  • Gary Brewer
  • Deb Orange


  • Jan Heck, ON
  • Albert Fong, ON
  • Dr. Robert Gordon, ON
  • Ron Ghitter, AB
  • Glen Scott, AB
  • Holly Tawse, BC
  • Beverley & John Moore, ON


  • Jean-François Dupuis, QC
  • Lisette Couillard, QC
  • Tamasha Grant, ON
  • Robert Murray, ON


  • Bud & Lee Dobson, BC


  • Andrea Rabzak, ON
  • Jimmy Wong, ON


  • Harry Greenan, ON
  • Jack Hurley, NL
  • Blackmore Tennis Club, ON
  • Michel Lecavalier, ON
  • The Granite Club, ON
  • Tennis-mag, QC


  • Jeff McCarrol, Ontario
  • Suzanne Dussault, Quebec
  • Nancy McFadyen, Ontario
  • Coulter Wright, Ontario
  • Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, Ontario
  • Jacques Rinfret, Quebec
  • Claude Laperrière, Quebec
  • Casey Curtis, Ontario


  • Raymonde Babin, Québec
  • Christiane Bergevin, Québec
  • Nancy Connolly, Prince Edward Island
  • Jean-Claude Doré, Québec
  • Brian Floyd, Ontario
  • Dean Gillis, British Columbia
  • Fran Hurcomb, Northwest Territories
  • Lois Ker, British Columbia
  • Gus Morhart, Ontario
  • Doug Rawson, Britith Columbia
  • Wanda Restivo, Ontario
  • Claude Rousseau, Québec
  • Murray and Roda Rubin, Ontario 


Agnes Kern, ON
Chokyu Family, BC
Don Axell
John Roy, QC
Mike & Nicole Tevlin, ON
Nash Vuletic, BC
Vital Link Ice Cream & Event Marketing Inc., ON
Wayne Elderton, BC


Bill Serbin, MB
Don Goodwin, ON
Floyd Hill, BC
Guy O’Byrne, BC
Internationaux juniors Banque Nationale, QC
Jean-François Manibal, QC
Jim Lahey, QC
Mercedes Canada National Bank, QC
Robert Jackson, NB
Rogers Communications, QC
Rolland Godin, QC
Sue Vail, ON
Suzanne Brenton, BC


BC Decker, ON
Bonnie Carrington, ON
Brenda Dowling, SK
Dennis Lindsay, ON
Ernie Winter, BC
Gail Hamamoto Doré, BC
Gerald Regan, NS
Gillian Shea, AB
Gordon and Barbara Hughes, NS
Jessie Smalley, ON
Ken Hecker, BC
Marlene Nobrega, ON
Michael Clarfield, ON
Michel Cantin, QC
Norm Christie, BC
Ottawa Tennis Community Centre, ON
Pam Olley, ON
Roger Raymond, QC
Scotiabank, ON
Shannon Andersen, ON
Stephen Stewart, NS
Sue Gilbertson, AB
Tom Poulton, BC


Ab Glowicki, BC
Barbara Hughes, NS
City of Charlottetown, PEI
Denis Côté, QC
Gander Community Tennis Association, NFD
Gordon Breen, NF
Jack Turner, PEI
James Boyce, ON
Jamie Ferguson, NS
Joan McMaster, BC
Langley, BC
Lina Richard, NB
Malcolm Still, ON
Mario Brisebois, QC
Mark Lever, NS
Robert Fletcher, BC
Sandeep Lal, ON
Tennis Dieppe, NB
York University, ON


Alma Dimock, ON
Barry Bruce, MB
Bruce and Betty Birmingham, ON
Family Jacoby, SK
Family Kirkpatrick, SK
Frank Dimock, ON
George Gross, ON
Hans Maciej, AB
Harold Soupcoff, ON
Joseph Zentil, ON
Nancy Cook, NF
Pierre Lebreux, QC
Rick Angus, BC
Tony Bardsley, BC


Anne Marie Hudak, ON
Francois Giguere, QC
Frank Peter, ON
Harold Doerr, ON
Laurent Valiquette, QC
Patrick Hudak, ON


Bill Crothers, ON
Charles Dore, BC
Denis Crotty, QC
Eric Cardinall Jr., BC
Geoffrey Carnell, NF
Louise Langston, QC
Pat Runge, BC
The Star Phoenix, SK
Tony Collings, ON


Irwin Tobias, ON
Jack Pedlar, BC
Jean Perron, QC
Kay Faye Wilson, BC
Lawrence Fitzsimmon, QC
Moose Jaw Times Herald, SK
Quebec Wheelchair Sports Association, QC
Queensway Audi Volkswagen, ON


Alan Webster, BC
Bruce Cates, NWT
Dieter Wolff, ON
Ed Gladstone, BC
Hal Pallister, MB
Marcel Sirois, QC
Terry Redvers, ON
Vlasta Brankovsky, ON


Bill Cairns, NB
Cheryl Miller, BC
Erica Gilbert, ON
Gerry Labies, MB
Jim Macken, BC
John Leicester, SK
Ray Gallagher, NF
Steve Stevens, ON

Tennis Canada Excellence Awards

The Tennis Canada Excellence Awards are presented each year and serve as an annual recognition of the country’s tennis talent. The awards acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of high performance athletes, seniors, officials, coaches, the Tennis Professionals Association (TPA) and Building Tennis Communities (BTCs) who best represented Canada on the tennis scene.