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Become an Official

Recruiting and training tennis officials in Canada is a collaborative effort between Tennis Canada’s Officiating Department and the Provincial Tennis Associations. The Provincial Associations organize and teach many of the introductory and intermediate clinics. In addition to assisting the Provinces to run their clinics by providing and training instructors, and developing course material, the Officiating Department teaches the more advanced clinics.

In order to become a tennis official, you first need to attend an Introduction to Officiating clinic. The Introductory clinics are generally organized by the Provincial Associations and run over two days. The Introductory clinic covers the following officiating roles: line umpire, chair umpire, and roving umpire.

Once you attend the Introductory clinic it is mainly a question of getting as much experience as possible in tournaments of increasingly higher levels (for example: provincial juniors → national juniors → $10K pro circuit → $50K pro challenger → Rogers Cup), and of attending increasingly advanced training sessions.

If you have any questions concerning how to become an official please contact us at officiating@tenniscanada.com

In addition, please see the Officiating Department Guide for more details on officiating and the Tennis Canada Officiating Program.

For information on currently scheduled officiating clinics, see the Clinics page.

Officiating is a great way for tennis enthusiasts (and players) to stay involved with the sport that they love!