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Stage 3 – DEVELOPING Boys/Girls *9-12/9-12

The focus of this stage is building physical literacy through continued development of tennis skills. This stage moves players from progressive tennis to full court tennis. This is the ideal time to learn, further develop and start consolidating tennis skills. Participants continue to participate in a variety of sports to develop the versatility required for tennis. During this stage, the player will continually demonstrate competence in the identified physical, technical, tactical and psychological skills that will indicate whether he/she should participate in the competition or recreation stream. The general objectives are to:

  • Further develop and consolidate fundamental tennis competencies (technical/tactical) in match play
  • Further develop basic mental skills (focus, emotional control, effort/determination, positive attitude)
  • Develop basic competitive skills (learning how to cope with basic competitive environments)
  • Introduce general physical preparation and further develop fundamental motor skills through participation in other sports
  • Continue to develop decision-making skills

For Wheelchair Tennis

  • To practice transferring in and out of the tennis chair
  • To make sure the tennis chair fits the player



Learn to Play

The Learn to Play program is designed to build a solid foundation for future success and promote enjoyment and improvement in tennis. All lessons in the program use the Progressive Tennis system of modified courts and balls designed for the age or skill level of the players. In each stage; red, orange and green there are 2 six week lesson plans with corresponding awards for Red level 1 and 2.

PHE Schools Program

Tennis for Schools is a national program for Grades 1-2, 3-5 and 6-8 that supports the development of fundamental movement skills related to the sport of tennis, while increasing student knowledge and appreciation for the sport. Tennis for schools is a teacher resource for both specialist and non-specialist physical education teachers in Canadian elementary, middle and junior high schools.

Minor League Implementation Guide

Playing Tennis in School


Rogers Rookie Tour

The Rogers Rookie Tour is an entry level competitive program designed to provide the novice player with a fun competitive experience. It provides juniors up to the age of 18 an opportunity to play in competitions which guarantees multiple matches.

Team Tennis

Community Team Tennis is an exciting tennis program that provides new participants to the game of tennis an opportunity to combine practice and play, with a focus on skill development through match play in a team environment. CTT can be run in community centres, school gyms on public courts, and in clubs.



U12 Training Program (DVD)

The purpose of the U12 training program DVD is to provide coaches with a program for competitive orientated U12 players. It provides comprehensive drill based content covering the most common situations of play.

U10 & U12 Provincial Training Centre Program

The primary purpose of the Provincial/Regional regrouping program is to regroup the Province’s top young players with supplementary developmental training opportunities outside the players’ club/academy program, and preparing those players for future high level competitions.


U12 Provincial

Each province provides a series of sanctioned regional and provincial tournaments for competitive oriented players. These events take place on a full court with regular tennis balls.

U12 National

Canadian Nationals are for the top provincial players. Each province is allocated a number spots and has its own selection process.

U12 International

International events are for Canada’s top level junior tennis players.