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Stage 4 – CONSOLIDATING Boys/Girls *13-15/12-14

This is a critical stage of development for the athlete/tennis player, as it sets the foundation for learning to be a competitive junior.

General Objectives

  • Consolidate learned skills from practice and apply in competitive situations.
  • Continue to develop and refine technical skills in practice.
  • Consolidate a specific game style emphasizing the execution of skills in a game situation.
  • Introduce the concept of proper preparation and recovery through sleep, nutrition, good hygiene, hydration, sport massage, and effective warm-up and cool-down routines.
  • Balance the increase in training/competition demands with social/lifestyle issues.

Playing Opportunities

  • High School
  • Clubs, leagues, tournaments

High Performance Related Programs

  • Club Programs
  • Provincial Programs

Competition Opportunities

  • ITF tournaments
  • Canada Games
  • Regional Games
  • U16 Nationals
  • U14 Nationals

Wheelchair Tennis

  • Develop a slice and pronated topspin backhand if possible.
  • Due to the excess stress of moving the tennis chair, the number of tournaments should be reduced.
  • Learn to maintain and adjust the chair.