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Stage 5 – LEARNING TO PERFORM Boys/Girls *16-18/15-16

The participant has made a conscious decision to pursue a potential career as a “professional player.”

General Objectives

  • Continue to develop and refine technical skills
  • Become a responsible and autonomous athlete
  • Improve in the implementation of learned skills in competitive situations
  • Develop flexibility, speed, strength, and aerobic endurance in all the physical skills
  • Learn to cope with the challenges of varying competitive situations: different surfaces, wind, altitude, and game styles
  • Understand key principles related to training, competition, recovery and equipment

Playing Opportunities

  • High School
  • Clubs, leagues, tournaments High Performance Related Programs
  • Club Programs
  • Provincial Programs

Competition Opportunities

  • Canada Games
  • U18 Nationals
  • U16 Nationals

Wheelchair Tennis

  • Ensure appropriate rest and recovery especially for upper body injury prevention
  • Re-evaluate tennis chair to determine if it still meets the athlete’s needs.