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Stage 6 – LEARNING TO BE A PROFESSIONAL Boys/Girls *19-23/17-21+

This stage integrates and harmonizes the complex and diverse factors that contribute to performance in competition.

General Objectives

  • Focus on performance goals in competition.
  • Refine technical skills at competition intensity.
  • Consolidate specific, personal game style.
  • Develop flexibility, speed, strength and aerobic endurance in all competitive situations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to select and care for equipment (racquets, strings, shoes).
  • Ensure quality and consistency in diet, warm-up and recovery activities.
  • Development of individualized annual plan identifying training, and competition phases.

High Performance Related Programs

  • NCAA
  • Canadian Universities

Competition Opportunities

  • ITF Futures events
  • Open events
  • U18 Nationals

Wheelchair Tennis

  • Acquire a customized chair.
  • Manage medication/physical issues while travelling.