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10 easy ways to get an outdoor workout this summer

Jun 18, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron

It’s easy to get a workout at this time of year… just step outside!  As an outdoor enthusiast, today I’m sharing 10 ways I stay active and fit throughout the spring, summer and fall. Pick the one that interests you most, grab a friend if you wish, and get going!

  1. Walking:
    Walking more is the single best thing most Canadians can do to improve their health. Adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise each week, and walking requires virtually no equipment, can be done almost anywhere, and it’s free. Lace up your shoes and commit to my 8 Week Walking Program.
  2. Tennis:
    Head to your community courts a couple of times a week for a rally with friends. You’ll enhance your health, enjoy quality time together, and see an improvement in your technique and game each week.
  3. Running:
    Slap on some sunscreen, grab your shades, and lace up your runners. Whether you’re fast or slow, or go around the block, or conquer 5 KM or more, you’re a runner… and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  Try my 5K Program for New Runners.
  4. Cycling:
    June is Bike Month – a perfect opportunity to get re-acquainted with your two-wheeler. Whether you ride around the neighbourhood with the kids, or decide this is the year you start cycling to work, cycling is the coolest (and often fastest!) way to get around town.  Use your bike wherever practical (and for pure fun too!) and reap the health and happiness rewards.
  5. Stair Climbing:
    Stair-climbing burns more calories than running and it’s free… you can do it anywhere there are stairs. Try it at home, in parks, in office and apartment buildings and at hotels while on vacation.  Start slowly and ramp up gradually… but it won’t be long before you note an increase in your endurance. You might enjoy The Ultimate Staircase Workout For Serious Fitness Gains.
  6. Play with the kids:
    Get outside and play! Teach your kids the games you played when you were a child, let them teach you their favorites, visit a new local park every week, or invite the neighbours for a game of after-dinner road hockey.
  7. Gardening:
    Cut the grass. Trim the hedge. Dig a new flower bed.  Weed the lawn (now there’s some fun!). Happily, whether you love gardening or not, the lifting, cutting, reaching, and bending can all help to improve your functional fitness, strengthen muscles, and increase range of motion and flexibility. Enjoy the rewards of your hard work!
  8. Swimming:
    Swimming improves heart health, strengthens and tone muscles, helps with weight maintenance, promotes relaxation, and improves flexibility. Make a splash this summer.
  9. Hiking:
    Work your heart and lungs as you enjoy some time in nature. Did your favorite trail make the cut on Canada’s best hiking trails?
  10. Rock Climbing:
    Climbing, whether indoors or out, has become much more accessible to Canadians of all ages and abilities. Improve your strength, flexibility and endurance while gaining confidence, agility, skill, and learning something new.

How are you staying active, healthy and fit this summer? Tweet with me @cate_cameron and join us on twitter @TennisCanada.