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15 Reasons tennis is your game

Jan 06, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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My love of tennis began with an old wooden racquet, a tennis ball I had to wrestle from the dog, and hours of play against the garage door. Not long thereafter came tennis camp and lessons, and today I still play, most often with my own kids and family. Looking for a reason (or excuse!) to play? Here are 15!

  1. Tennis is a game for life, welcoming players of all ages and abilities
  2. Tennis is social – enjoy time on the courts with family and friends and meet others from your community
  3. Tennis appears to promote continuing brain development and reinforces important values such as discipline, honour, perseverance and respect
  4. Physically active people are healthier and happier – try tennis and see for yourself
  5. Tennis is a great form of aerobic exercise – an ideal way to show your heart and lungs some love. Do you get enough exercise? Check here.
  6. Tennis torches calories and burns fat
  7. Regular tennis and other forms of exercise participation can help manage stress, anxiety and depression
  8. Tennis builds muscle – particularly in the legs
  9. Tennis increases hand-eye and overall body coordination
  10. Tennis provides a terrific form of cross training for those who enjoy other sports
  11. Playing doubles teaches us and reinforces the value teamwork
  12. Tennis is a weight-bearing activity that promotes bone strength and reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  13. Tennis improves flexibility – all that bending and stretching to return the ball will help you increase or maintain your range of motion
  14. Tennis promotes a sense of well-being while improving self-esteem and confidence
  15. …and perhaps the best reason of all? FUN!

TIP! Just getting started or introducing your kids to the game? Keep it simple and have some fun hitting balls against a brick wall or the garage door.

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