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15 reasons to “fall” for tennis

Sep 28, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron

Summer may be over, but autumn offers some of the best outdoor tennis around! Cooler temperatures, a breeze, gorgeous seasonal colours, time in nature, quieter courts… these are just some of the reasons to extend the outdoor season as long as possible.

Today I’m sharing 15 reasons to “fall” for tennis (if you haven’t already!) 🙂

  1. Tennis is a game one can pick up or return to at any age.
  2. Hit the courts to enjoy time with family, friends, and to meet others.
  3. Cognitive function: tennis promotes continuing brain development – something research tells us is important at every stage of life.
  4. The game reinforces important values such as discipline, honour, perseverance and respect. We also learn to win and lose with grace.
  5. Tennis makes us healthier physically and mentally.
  6. A rally or game provides a fantastic workout for our hearts and lungs.
  7. Tennis makes us physically stronger, helping us gain strength in the lower body in particular.
  8. Stress relief! Bad day? Take it out on the courts.
  9. Play tennis and you’ll improve your hand-eye and body coordination.
  10. Cross training benefits: watch yourself improve at other activities and sports too.
  11. Playing doubles or on a team teaches us the value of cooperation and collaboration.
  12. Tennis promotes bone and muscle strength.
  13. You’ll maintain or improve your range of motion.
  14. Tennis promotes a sense of well-being and confidence for players of all ages and abilities – the game can easily be modified based on need.
  15. FUN! Couldn’t we all use a little more of this?! Unplug, step outside, grab your racquet, and GO!