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20 signs you’re a diehard tennis player in Canada

Jun 02, 2015
written by: Heather Marrin
written by: Heather Marrin
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Canadian winters feel extra long when you’re a fan of playing tennis outdoors. A freshly cracked can of tennis balls is the most familiar smell in the world. Your child isn’t even born yet but you know you’re about to raise an ATP tour star. Any of this sound vaguely familiar?

With the hopes of making you feel proud of your favourite pastime, we compiled a list of 20 signs that you’re a diehard tennis player in Canada. If you score a 20 out of 20, please note: we don’t think you’re obsessed, we think you’re awesome!

  1. Come April you start taking the long route home just to see if your local club or public court has put the nets up.
  2. A Canadian first, you apologize for bad line calls, hitting the net cord, as well as the occasional winner.
  3. You’ve thought to yourself, “I can totally play in Sorels!”


  4. When you tell your friends you’re going to “hit” after work, you’re perplexed when they question the abusive nature of your extra-curricular activities.
  5. Moments after your child is born you begin to calculate how many months it will be before they can successfully grip a racquet.
  6. In the meantime, you buy them tennis balls to play with instead of toys and dress them up in court appropriate attire.IMG_7509
  7. You’ve never missed an early bird club registration.
  8. You question why perfume and cologne companies haven’t capitalized on the scent of a freshly cracked can of balls.
  9. You know that in colder temperatures, tennis balls do not bounce… because you’ve tried.
  10. You plan your family vacations around Grand Slam tournaments.
  11. If you lose the argument based on convenient travel times, you immediately Google the closest tennis court to the hotel you’re staying at.
  12. Off court you’ve been caught motioning a forehand and you’ve said confidently, “My follow-through is really improving.”
  13. Your tennis instructor was in your wedding party.thumbnail
  14. You obviously appreciate an indoor court, but your love runs deeper for that “perfect day to play outdoors.” (23°C with low winds.)
  15. You’ve considered shovelling a court before.thumbnail-1
  16. You’ve tried more than once to theme the Casual Fridays at your work around dressing like your favourite tennis pro.
  17. You have an entire email account designated to tennis-related subscriptions.
  18. One of your favourite pastimes is re-gripping your racquet.
  19. You’ve played in a toque.
  20. Each month you send a petition to the government to declare tennis the national summer sport of Canada.

So, how did you measure up? Use our handy scoring system below to calculate your level of die-hard fandom. Then, go brag to your friends about how awesome you really are!


1-5: Budding fan. Welcome, we think you’ll like our club.
6-10: Advanced intermediate. We admire your enthusiasm and spirit. Wanna hit?
11-15: Club pro. Your off-court follow-through is improving!
16-20: Hey Daniel Nestor! Thank you for taking our quiz!