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25 simple ways to be active as a family this spring

Apr 02, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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Lose the winter jacket and spring into action! We’ve waited a long time for warmer days, lighter evenings, and some of the outdoor activities we enjoy most. Get the whole family moving with these simple ways to welcome the season:

1.    Take a walk and look for signs of spring

2.    Dig a new flower bed and plant some seeds

3.    Wash the car

4.    Take a hike

5.    Visit a new playground – parents can try my Playground Workout for Parents!

6.    Enjoy a bike ride

7.    Hit some tennis balls in an empty parking lot, against a wall, or on your community courts

8.    Make a splash at the pool

9.    Set up a net in the backyard and play badminton

10. Draw with chalk

11. Climb a tree

12. Play hopscotch

13. Try roller skating or roller blading

14. Clean out the garage and pass along outgrown and no-longer-used sports equipment

15. Join in a community clean-up

16. Shoot some hoops

17. Visit a farmer’s market or local spring fair

18. Walk the dog (or borrow a friendly one from a neighbour)

19. Have a hula hoop contest

20. Explore a new community

21. Take tennis lessons as a family

22. Introduce your kids to an activity or sport you enjoy

23. Kick a soccer ball around

24. Jump in puddles

25. Try my 5KM running program for families

Happy spring!