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25 things you may not know about Genie Bouchard

Apr 22, 2016
written by: Heather Marrin
written by: Heather Marrin
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Back in the top 50 after a trying 2015, Eugenie Bouchard has recently been on winning streak,  proving that nothing is going to stand between her and her dreams. The first Canadian woman to reach the Wimbledon final in singles, you’d figure that she had already checked enough off her bucket-list — not the case. Already rocking two WTA finals under her belt this year, she is rumoured to have set a 2016 goal list that includes an appearance at the Summer Olympics in Rio! While she has been busy climbing the ranks, we’ve been busy digging deep for fun facts.


As devout followers, we’re well-acquainted with her long-list of tennis accomplishments, so let’s get to the good stuff — like, what does she love receiving most from her fans, and which female tennis player did she idolize growing up? Simply put: who is Eugenie Bouchard?

Here is a list of 25 things you may or may not know about one of our favourite Canadian sports exports:

1. She was born on February 25, 1994 in Montreal, Quebec.

2. She attended an all-girls private school.

3. She started playing tennis when she was five years old.

4. She played in her first tennis tournament when she was eight.

U12 Eugenie Bouchard

5. She moved to Florida when she was 12 to pursue her tennis career.

6. She has a fraternal twin sister named Beatrice.

7. They were both named after British royalty.

8. Beatrice is six minutes older.

9. Justin Bieber is on her list of celebrity crushes and she badly wishes that his song “Sorry” was “more like 20 minutes long”.

10. She idolized Maria Sharapova growing up and is a huge Roger Federer fan.

11. She met Federer for the first time at the Wimbledon Ball in 2012.


12. In 2014 she was named WTA Most Improved Player of the Year.

13. Her most used emoji is the same one we use when she wins a match!

14. Make note, she loves receiving hilarious gifs and memes from her fans.

15. Her perfect teeth come with a little work; she wears a retainer.

16. She believes food and sleep fix everything.


17. She recently competed in the 2016 NBA All-Star Celebrity game.

18. She’s hasn’t been known to shy away from garlic bread.

19. Or from a solo dance party in a her bedroom while packing.

20. When asked about her greatest motivator, she chalks it up to her dreams and goals.

21. She’s a Montreal Canadiens fan.

22. And a Toronto Raptors fan.

23. And a Toronto Blue Jays fan.

24. Last January in Australia marked her first time up on a surfboard.

25. She can juggle.