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4 ways to ace your New Year’s fitness resolutions

Jan 08, 2018
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada
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We are officially past the one week mark of 2018 and we’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it can be tricky keeping your New Year’s fitness resolutions on track. Luckily, our Canadian athletes have been working hard all winter and have provided plenty of inspiration to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

1. Work out with a buddy or friends

Group fitness classes, team jogs, or starting a new fitness program with your bestie can make tedious workouts fun. Find a go-to partner who will cheer you on during those extra tough last reps or who can help hold you accountable on days when motivation is running low.

Carol Zhao, Gaby Dabrowski, and Rebecca Marino are seasoned vets when it comes to this tip. They bonded through circuit training during the Fed Cup Canadian training camp in Miami last month.

2. Don’t feel confined to the gym

Sometimes, despite best intentions, it can just feel plain impossible to find time to get to the gym. On days when it looks like you won’t be able to fit in your usual workout, keep an eye out for unique locations or activities to get your sweat on: run the steps of your building’s condo, or add in some squats as you shovel the drive way.

Guess who’s back @sirclem_strengthcoach @nickmartichenko

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While in the Bahamas, Denis Shapovalov made the most of the weather and got outdoors for part of his workout. He switched up locations to keep things interesting and even used the sand to his advantage while working on his core strength.

3. Work towards goals

Make sure to have an attainable goal in mind. Whether it’s shaping up for your next big tournament or attempting to set a new personal best, there’s no better feeling than working towards and crushing your goals in the gym.

Who said I couldn’t multitask? 😜💃🏼🎾

A post shared by Charlotte Robillard Millette (@charobillard) on

Charlotte Robillard Millette clearly has her eyes fixed firmly on the prize, as she looked focused while getting into top shape for 2018.

4. Keep your workouts fun

If you’re the type who can’t stand running on a treadmill, make your workout work for you! Embrace the activities you enjoy, and find ways to incorporate them into your fitness plans.

Only one way to reach the goal.. 💦

A post shared by Vasek Pospisil (@vasek.pospisil) on

Vasek Pospisil tapped into his competitive side while keeping his listening skills sharp during this fun footwork drill. In 2016, Vasek and Phil Bester had no problem keeping up the fun after coming across a soccer ball to warm-up with before a practice session.

If Canada’s winter weather has you going stir crazy, try skating or snowshowing to mix things up.

If you’d rather work up a sweat playing tennis but can’t wait until the snow clears? Use the Court Finder tool to locate an indoor club near you so you can stay on the court year-round.

How are you achieving your New Year’s fitness resolutions? Reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and share your tips to staying on track in 2018.