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52 Reasons to be active in 2015

Jan 09, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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This year, pledge to be happier, healthier, and to have more FUN

52 Reasons to be Active in 2015…

  1. To have more FUN!
  2. For Improved health
  3. To be a healthy role model for others
  4. To enjoy more time with friends and family
  5. Because exercise makes us happier
  6. To reduce the risk of heart disease
  7. Because physical activity is a natural stress buster
  8. To maintain a healthy weight
  9. To gain physical strength
  10. For a better night’s sleep
  11. To maintain or improve flexibility
  12. The more we participate, the greater the benefits
  13. To keep up with your kids and grandkids
  14. Because active kids are happier, healthier, and perform better academically
  15. To help prevent and manage pain
  16. For improved posture (no more reminders from “mom” to stand up straight!)
  17. To stay young in body, mind and spirit
  18. To reduce the risk of many types of cancer
  19. Because exercise helps us look better in and out of our clothes
  20. To improve muscle tone
  21. For better circulation
  22. To improve your game
  23. To reduce the risk of premature death
  24. Because exercise helps manage anxiety
  25. For improved balance and fewer falls
  26. To improve hand-eye and whole-body coordination
  27. To maintain healthy connective tissues
  28. Because exercise can help treat depression
  29. Weight-bearing exercise reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  30. For healthier blood pressure and cholesterol readings
  31. To feel better physically and mentally
  32. To increase lean muscle mass and resting metabolism and torch more calories, even at rest
  33. Because active transportation (like walking and cycling) is good for the environment
  34. To save money. Walk or bike to save on bus fare, parking, insurance, and gas
  35. Because outdoor activity helps connect us with nature
  36. An active lifestyle brings us closer to those we love
  37. For a sense of belonging and community
  38. To enjoy being part of a team
  39. Because exercise can lead to a better sex life
  40. To improve functional fitness and make everyday tasks easier
  41. To thank your body for all it does for you
  42. Because weight training can increase glucose utilization and reduce the risk of developing diabetes
  43. To enhance esteem and increase confidence
  44. To prove that you really can do it
  45. Because every workout (even short ones!) offers health benefits
  46. Exercise is a great way to blow off steam. Don’t get angry or even… get active
  47. To meet new friends and socialize more
  48. Because walking more is the single best thing most Canadians can do to improve their health
  49. Because sport participation helps communities flourish
  50. An active lifestyle gives us the confidence to try new activities
  51. 2015 is the Year of Sport in Canada – and you want “in” on the fun
  52. To be the best version of YOU!

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