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6 things you should definitely check out on the new PTA websites

May 02, 2016
written by: Heather B.
written by: Heather B.
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Last week, six Provincial Tennis Associations unveiled brand new websites, bringing a consistent look and experience to tennis across Canada. We’ve been browsing their new websites since, and have picked out some of the coolest content that Canadian tennis fans should be checking out. Here’s our PTA round-up:

1. Tennis British Columbia’s amazing videos

Tennis BC has a video gallery you should not miss, including a profile of a 4 foot 3, 60 pound dynamo who is determined to be the next legendary tennis player.

2. Tennis Nova Scotia’s friendly rivalry with New Brunswick

Check out the write-up over at Tennis Nova Scotia’s new site about the provincial team event where Nova Scotia and New Brunswick square off for the annual title.


3. Tennis PEI’s photo galleries

Tennis PEI’s new site features some incredible photos, like the one below that makes us want to hop on a plane right now to play these breathtaking courts. Don’t miss all the PEI photo galleries!


4. Let Tennis New Brunswick introduce you to Cardio Tennis

Tennis New Brunswick’s new site has a great introduction to Cardio Tennis. Find out why it’s being called “the third way to play tennis”.


5. Tennis Manitoba’s Coaching Profiles

Don’t miss the profile over at Tennis Manitoba of Robert Kennedy. Says Kennedy of the Rogers Rookie Tour: “It gives kids a nice taste of competition, but in a friendly way.”


6. Tennis Northwest Territories breathtaking #WinterTennis gallery

We can’t get enough of the photos on Tennis Northwest Territories’ new website, but especially the #WinterTennis gallery. You can see all the galleries here.


Visit the new PTA websites at the links below:

British Columbia

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick


Northwest Territories