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ETS University – ready to make a big entrance in the university league!

Jan 14, 2016
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada
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As of January 2016, the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) will see their men’s tennis team participate in the provincial university league overseen by Tennis Quebec. New to the competition, we spoke with Yann Vuillermoz, team captain, only days before his team faces the Concordia Stingers.

What led you to create a tennis team for ETS? What was your motivation?

First, tennis is a passion of mine and the sport is experiencing an important growth in Canada with the advent of world-class players. So I wanted to contribute to its popularization. I already had the idea of ​​founding a university team at ETS in 2013 but was stopped by the fact that the competition was co-ed and at the ETS, we have virtually no girls in the student population. Fortunately for us, the rules have evolved and two years later when I was offered to take over the project by Tennis Quebec, I got involved right away and found a group of friends that were all at a good tennis level. Moreover, being of French origin, the university sport is not well known from my standpoint. Many good tennis players have decided to focus on their studies rather than sport so I am more than happy to represent our school through a lifelong passion.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of playing at the university level?

The Quebec university level has improved and we are now able to compete with established universities at a very good level. The main advantage is being able to proudly represent our school in this sport and contribute to its popularization. I will add that it is a statement for us, future engineers, to put forth our involvement, team spirit, competitiveness, project organization and management skills. These are all essential values for a future engineer.


ETS men’s team practicing at STADE IGA.

Tell us about your team; who are the players and what is their playing experience?

I have been fortunate to recruit players from year one of the program and I wasn’t expecting to see such a high level of play which really impressed me. Many of our players are foreign students, only Anatol is Quebec-native with 10 years of experience in the sport. Arthur, who started playing at age six, helped me a lot to develop the structure of the club and he is a real asset for the group. We have a real group of tennis enthusiasts who have worked hard this fall to get back to their best. We have also been fortunate to find two trainers who worked on the development of the team. We look forward to battle it out on the courts with the best.

What are your goals for your first year on the university tennis circuit?

Our goal is to earn a spot in the national championships by being in the top four teams at the end of the regular season. After this, anything else will be a big bonus!

Team captain, Yann Vuillermoz, overseeing practice.

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