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Exercise and love are good for our hearts. You’ll find both in tennis!

Feb 12, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  With love in the air, I thought I’d share 10 Reasons to Love Tennis regardless of your age, ability, or even the nature of your appreciation of the game (many people are fans, but don’t yet play themselves). I say “yet,” because I’m determined to motivate you out of your seat and onto the court this spring!

Today I’m sharing the top-five reasons I love tennis and asked friends and fans on Twitter to contribute theirs. Here’s what we came up with. Share your love of the game with us @Tennis_Canada and @cate_cameron.

  1. I love tennis for the outdoor exercise. I play at my community club in Toronto from April to late October several days each week. Give me an outdoor workout, like running, cycling, or a fun-filled rally any day!
  2. Tennis brings my family together. More exercise. More time together. More fun. More laughter (usually at me!).
  3. Tennis builds community by bringing like-minded people together who then introduce even more people to the game. All ages, stages, abilities, cultures. What’s not to love?
  4. It’s a game… a great excuse to play outdoors like we did as kids.
  5. It’s a great stress-buster. Don’t get mad or even, grab your racquet and get moving.
  6. Ontario physical education teacher, Petja Taivassalo (‏@MrTdoesPE), loves tennis because it’s fun, active, and social.
  7. Nicky Powell (@nicky_powell) Tennis Canada Brand Marketer, shared: “Tennis allows me to play and socialize with friends, family, and people of all ages. It gets my heart-rate going, doing something I really enjoy”.
  8. Kathryn Howell (@Dogpaddling) loves that tennis is great exercise, a ton of fun, is relatively accessible (courts are available in many communities and the game can be modified to meet the needs of players of various ages and abilities), and doesn’t require a lot of gear.
  9. My 15-year-old niece, Sophie Cameron-Howe, of Fredericton, New Brunswick, loves “moments when you’ve hit a really clean, well-placed winner and all of the work and practice that’s behind the shot”. Her brother, 13-year-old Noah, loves “hitting balls really hard” past his opponent! They each train four times a week with additional time devoted to fitness training and match play.
  10. Bruce Waschuk, President of Tennis Manitoba (@brucewaschuk), shared: “tennis is my treadmill… the one I actually love using”. Cheers to that Bruce…I know a lot of our readers will relate.

A happy, healthy, and active Valentine’s Day to all!

Catherine Cameron
Active Living Ambassador & Senior Writer, Tennis Canada