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Global spotlight: The G-E-N-I-E Army

Jul 13, 2016
written by: Heather Marrin
written by: Heather Marrin
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In 2014, a dozen students gathered at the Australian Open to support an up-and-coming (at the time) tennis player – Genie Bouchard.

Quickly becoming a section of the stadium that could not be ignored, broadcasters and fans (and even Genie!) took notice, thanks to their strong vocals, an equally loud red and white sign and matching G-E-N-I-E t-shirts. They chanted, or better roared, match after match as Bouchard made her way to the semifinals. While she didn’t take home the 2014 Australian Open title, according to this dozen (later-to-be titled “Army”) she was a champ — and it turned out, they weren’t the only people who thought so.

Over the months and years to follow, various chapters of Genie Armies have opened up, pledging allegiance to their favourite pro. Near and far from the Canadian border, the global army unites during every grand slam — and each time, bolstered by social media groups and online forums, their unification and support is palpable.

So, who are the voices behind this brigade? Here’s the lowdown on a handful of Genie’s fan groups and where to follow them.

The chapter: Genie Army, Australia

Where to follow them: geniearmy.com

Chapter highlight: We totally admire their love for a Canadian player, since admittedly the original dozen had absolutely zero connections to Canada when they started their squad. Now, they likely have more connections than a Canadian after travelling all the way from Oz to attend Coupe Rogers in Montreal in 2014 to catch their fave player in action. #WillTravelForGenie!

The chapter: Genie Army, Toronto

Where to follow them: @GenieArmyTOR, #TeamGenie, #WeBelieveInBouchard

Chapter highlight: Homegrown heroes, this army is one you can get to know if you’re attending this year’s Coupe Rogers. And for those tournaments that they’re aren’t live tweeting from the stands, you can rest assured that they still have the all-things-Genie updates that you need to get your fix.

The chapter: Team Bouchard, UK

Where to follow them: @TeamBouchard

Chapter highlight: Genie Army super-fans know no borders. Based out of the UK, we come here for highlights, updates, fast facts, and most of all, the hilarious GIF choices.

The chapter: Bouchard Squad, Los Angeles

Where to follow them: bouchardsquad.com

Chapter highlight: Rocking a whole lotta team spirit, this squad has the best Genie shop in town and a portion of the proceeds are donated to worthy causes within their community. Plus, they’re working towards setting up a crowd-funded Genie fan-zone. #SquadGoals.

The chapter: All things Genie, Scotland & United Kingdom

Where to follow them: @AllThingsGenie

Chapter highlight: “Certified” blogger for the Genie Army, this account fills in when the Australian chapter can’t based on time zones, offering hourly updates and match coverage.

Do you have your own Army, or pledge to a particular chapter? We would love to hear about it! Tweet us about it!