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Heidi meets the media

Feb 06, 2019
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada
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Taking part in your first Fed Cup tie as team captain comes with certain responsibilities. You need to evaluate and coach your athletes during practice, ensure that there is good team spirit throughout the week and scout out the opposition. It also involves speaking with members of the media to preview the upcoming tie.

On Wednesday, Heidi El Tabakh took part in her first pre-draw Fed Cup press conference at the Maaspoort & Events arena in the Netherlands. One of the most asked questions was her opinion regarding the court and the conditions.

“We are getting used to the court. It has been a while since some of the girls played on clay, but we will be fine. It is a little bit fast, but we don’t mind a fast court. Moving is a little bit challenging, but we will adjust. The venue itself and the facilities are great. It is a cozy stadium and I assume it will get pretty loud in there this weekend.”

She was also asked how she was finding her first experience as Fed Cup Captain.

“It is a big responsibility. It is definitely a new experience for me and a tough challenge, but connecting with the girls has been great and it has made me a much more organized person. I have to plan for things ahead of time and communicate with all of the girls, the coaches and the staff. It is a great experience for me.”

Despite this being her first Fed Cup experience, she is not showing any nerves. If anything, it makes her more motivated to succeed. “It’s going to be a challenge, but that’s what I signed up for.”