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How to extend summer…

Sep 03, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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Labour Day weekend may be upon us and a new school year may be about to begin, but neither means summer is over. In fact, winter will seem a whole lot shorter if you practice an extended summer as I do. Here’s how:

  • Early mornings aren’t yet dark – so make the most of them with a start-the-day walk, run, bike ride, or game of tennis before work.
  • Do not trade bare feet for socks, or sandals for closed-toe shoes or boots until you have to. Trust me… there will be many months of boot weather ahead.
  • Make the most of the light evenings while we still have them and enjoy active play at the park with the kids, a rally on the tennis courts as a family, or an after dinner walk.
  • Walk or ride your bike to do errands and to get to work and school.
  • Dine outdoors. Enjoy a bowl of cereal on the front porch in your pajamas, take your office lunch outdoors, and take every opportunity to enjoy dinner outdoors with friends or family. It’s still patio weather!
  • Connect with nature by walking, gardening, hiking, apple picking, and spending as much time outdoors as you can.
  • Keep the shorts going… as long as possible. Add a sweater to stay cozy if need be, but don’t put away shorts for the season until we’ve had frost (and even then!)
  • Sign the kids up for tennis lessons after school and on weekends. Encourage them to reap the benefits of as much outdoor play as possible for their health and happiness.

Aim to be the last ones on your local community courts this season… we try to keep our tennis season going into November.

Here’s to stretching summer…