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Montreal Carabins ready to compete for another national title

Aug 05, 2015
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada

The Montreal Carabins tennis team holds four national titles since 2009 at the Canadian University Tennis Championships. The new and revised tournament format allowed Montreal’s women’s team to qualify for the championships this year where they will face the York Lions in the first match-up. Among the Montreal competitors is former Tennis Canada National Training Centre member Marianne Jodoin who told us about her journey and what it means to be a member of Les Bleus!

What was your tennis background before joining the Carabins?

My junior career began when I trained at Nuns’ Island Tennis Club under Christine Picher while being a member of the U14 Canadian team. In 2007, I was training at the Tennis Canada National Training Centre. I then decided to pursue my tennis career in the NCAA where I played on the Fresno State University tennis team for two years (Division 1) before transferring to Duke University where I completed my university years.

Did the fact that University of Montreal had a tennis program influence your decision on whether or not to attend the university?

Certainly, several criteria are taken into account when it comes time to decide on the university at which you wish to pursue your studies. I am currently completing my graduate studies to become a neuropsychologist and University of Montreal offers a renowned program in this field. In addition, tennis has always been part of my life and I have to say I was not quite ready to retire entirely from the sport that excited me for many years. University of Montreal allows me to combine my two passions.

What has been your best tennis memory?

Tough question! I experienced several memories throughout my career that are particularly dear to me, such as winning the national championship in the U14, U16 and U18. Growing up alongside the top junior players in the country at the National Training Centre was also special. I must say, however, that team titles have a special place in my heart, such as the gold medal at the Canada Games in 2009 and the NCAA Indoor National Championship won in 2014 with Duke University. Another team title like the Canadian University Tennis Championships would certainly be a great addition to this list!

What does it mean for you to play competitive tennis during Rogers Cup?

It will be such a great experience! I was lucky enough to compete as a player during Rogers Cup and I must say that the experience is unique! Now that I play in the Canadian university circuit, I didn’t think I would have the chance to experience it again. I look forward to sharing this experience with my teammates.

What advice would you give students who wish to continue their tennis careers while pursuing their academics?

The ability to combine sport and studies will forge your character and encourage self-improvement on a daily basis. In addition, the university circuit offers a different perspective on tennis since it now becomes a sport being played in teams. Thus, athletes receive unconditional support from their teammates. Finally, my biggest piece of advice would be to enjoy the moment because it goes by too fast! I remember my arrival on campus for my freshman year, and I cannot believe that it was already five years ago!

University of Montreal Carabins 2015 Women's Team

University of Montreal Carabins 2015 Women’s Team

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