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Stats breakdown: John McEnroe vs. Milos Raonic

Jun 17, 2016
written by: Rob Cianfarani
written by: Rob Cianfarani
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This dynamic duo is just getting started.

Milos Raonic registered his third win over Roberto Bautista Agut on Friday at Queen’s Club – and his third with John McEnroe as a part-time coach. But according to Milos, the new relationship doesn’t start and end on grass. The Canadian wants to take this time to improve on all surfaces, learning from one of the all-time greats. That said, how similar are their games?

As we approach the biggest tournament of the year, let’s see just how similar coach and player really are.


John McEnroe Milos Raonic
Current age 57 25
Age turned pro 19 18
Height 5’11” 6’5″
Weight 165 lbs 216 lbs
Plays Left-handed Right-handed
Backhand One-handed Two-handed
Hair game    

Physically, the two could not be more opposite. Johnny Mac needs a step-ladder to have a conversation with Milos (as most of us do). Milos is a huge man with a huge serve, and while McEnroe may not be slight in the emotion department, he looks extremely lean beside the big Canadian.

They play with opposite hands and have different backhand mechanics, but their game does have commonalties – they are both looking to be aggressive and move forward. Johnny Mac made a living moving to the net on grass, and with a frame like Milos’, he should be having a coaching field day.

And – that hair game, don’t get me started.



John McEnroe Milos Raonic
Tournaments won 77 8
Record 877-198 234-110
Winning percentage 81.6% 68.0%
Prize money $12.6M $10.5M

There is no question that Johnny Mac is one of the greatest tennis players to ever live. He has the fourth most titles among men, an astronomical winning percentage, and seven Grand Slams to his name.

Milos’ stats aren’t quite there yet, but there is a silver lining. The towering Canadian has risen his winning percentage to 79.4% in 2016, only a few ticks behind McEnroe’s career mark. If he keeps this up, a few (or maybe more than a few) tournament wins are on the horizon.

Aside: Despite Johnny Mac’s prolific career, their prize money totals are almost EQUAL. The times they definitely are a changin’.


John McEnroe Milos Raonic % Difference
1st Serve Points Won 75% 81% 8%
2nd Serve Points Won 50% 54% 8%
Break Points Saved 62% 71% 15%
1st Serve Return Points Won 32% 27% -16%
2nd Serve Return Points Won 51% 45% -12%
Break Points Converted 42% 36% -14%
Return Games Won 27% 15% -44%
Return Points Won 39% 34% -13%

The above chart indicates career stats from both Raonic and McEnroe, though numbers for JMac were only available from 1991-1994, the twilight of his career. It is safe to assume these numbers were much higher in his prime, but they still give us a good sense of his game.

Milos has one of the best serves on tour and he significantly topped the American’s serving stats from the end of his career – an impressive feat. The Canadian’s main weakness is the return game, which is evidenced by his stats and the countless tiebreakers he must play. McEnroe tops Raonic in every return stats by over 10% – one of the main reasons for the partnership.

In the end, all we want to see is more of this…

Play style

Milos was already an aggressive net player and McEnroe is looking to take that to the next level. We may be seeing a reincarnation of Johnny Mac at Wimbledon, where by the way, he won three times.