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Stay active and fit while on vacation

Aug 10, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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Have you ever gone on vacation with a suitcase full of active wear and your trusty running shoes, only to have your ambitious “I’m going to exercise every day” plans go out the window?

I’ve done it (more than once) and I’m guessing you have too. Though sometimes what we need more than anything else, are a few days of down time and an opportunity to truly relax, for those who want to stay active while on vacation, but who need a few tips to help them stay on track, I’ve come up with some tips:

  • Plan ahead. Learn as much about your destination as possible to determine what activities are readily available, affordable and appealing.
  • Decide whether you want to stick to your usual fitness program or unleash your sense of adventure and try something new.
  • Select hotels and resorts with amenities that suit your needs and that you’ll actually want to use. Love swimming? Stay at a property with an inviting pool. Enjoy a good game of early morning tennis with your partner? Look for a hotel with tennis courts. Want to keep it simple? Bring along a yoga DVD, follow along with a favorite on-line fitness class, or make use of the hotel stairs (you probably won’t see a soul… everyone else will be waiting for the elevator!)
  • Carefully consider your packing list making sure you take what you’ll need: running shoes, swimsuit, goggles, workout wear, etc. As a runner, I’ve made my list, checked it twice, and on more than one occasion, arrived at my travel destination without my running shoes. Don’t let this happen to you!
  • Vacationing as a family? Make sure everyone earns their ice cream cones by way of plenty of active fun. Remember to pack tennis racquets and balls, jump ropes, soccer balls, kites, and the equipment that will help keep the kids in motion.
  • Explore your destination on foot or by bike. Use active transportation to see the sights.
  • Enjoying a beach holiday? Apply your sunscreen and hit the beach first thing in the morning for a brisk walk or jog. Bring the kids along and let them fly kites.
  • Enjoy what nature has to offer! Plunge into lakes and make a splash, climb mountains, or hike nature trails. Being active in the great outdoors will leave you physically and mentally refreshed.
  • Take advantage of free community courts. When I visit Muskoka for example, I make use, spring, summer and fall, of free local tennis courts with my family.