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Strong and competitive team representing Canada at ITF Super-Seniors World Championships

Sep 17, 2015
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada
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Not long ago, I wrote a feature titled 8 Health benefits of tennis for older adults. There’s no doubt about it, vigorous exercise and strength training are proven to slow the aging process. But have you seen any of Canada’s senior tennis stars in action of late?

You’ve probably heard of Vancouver native, Lorne Main, who at 85 is still competing, and winning. In fact, he’s is the most successful player in the history of seniors’ tennis. Learn more about Lorne in this TSN video clip below.

Though Lorne began playing tennis at the age of nine, not all of Canada’s senior players did – some in fact took it up later in life. Today Lorne is in Umag, Croatia, competing in the Super Seniors World Championship. With Team Championships September 21 to 26, and Individual Championships September 27 to October 4, 2015, Lorne is joined by the following Canadian players:

Women’s Over 65 (Kitty Godfree Cup)

Mary-Ann Gaskin
Jean Martin
Patricia Mclachlan
Coby Dommasch

Men’s Over 65 (Brittania Cup)

Fernand Martin
Joe Forrayi
John Payne
Tim Griffin

Men’s Over 70 (Jack Crawford Cup)

John Tibbits
Shaheer Mikhail
Jean Larose
Ali Bacha

Men’s Over 75 (Bitsey Grant Cup)

Gaston Blais
Guido Weber
Horst Damholz
Rene Roptin

Men’s Over 80 (Gardnar Mulloy Cup)

Lorne Main
Kar Liang
Morton Katz

Last year’s Doris Hart Championship winning team.

According to my colleague Irwin Tobias, National Event Consultant, Seniors Tennis, at Tennis Canada, Canada has won the Doris Hart Women’s ‘Over 80’ Team Championships the last four years (each year since its inception in 2011). This year however, due to injuries and other circumstances, we won’t be defending our title.

Nonetheless, according to Tobias, “we have strong and competitive teams representing us next week in the Super-Seniors Championships.” Join me in cheering from our home turf, drawing inspiration from, and wishing these super athletes every success.

Go Canada!