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Summer: the most sedentary season for many children

May 21, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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It may seem hard to believe, but summer is the most sedentary season of all for many children. Without active breaks and physical education classes at school, and without at-school activities and other kids to play with, many kids don’t enjoy a fraction of the active play or physical activity they need to be healthy.

Today I’m sharing 10 suggestions to help change this. Every child benefits from an active lifestyle. In fact, we should all play more! Keep your kids moving this summer with:

  1. Swimming lessons: They’re available at no or low cost at community recreation centres throughout Canada. Swimming is a life skill that no child should be without and knowing how can give them the skills they need to enjoy so many water-based. Learn more.
  2. Camps: Register your kids for summer camps that engage campers in lots of active fun every day… like tennis camp!
  3. Cycling: Make cycling your method of transportation for the summer. Ride to swimming lessons, camps, parks, and more. Be sure to check out these safe cycling tips I shared with ParticipACTION.
  4. Parks and playgrounds: Spend evenings with your kids at local parks and playgrounds. Try riding to a different park every evening. Parents can try this Playground Workout for Parents I created and shared with ParticipACTION!
  5. Make use of free community tennis courts in the evenings and on weekends and enjoy being active as a family. Here are some tips.
  6. Introduce your kids to some new activities – like canoeing, climbing, hiking, roller blading, geocaching, and more.
  7. Summer sports leagues: Join baseball and soccer leagues in your community for some active fun, the opportunity to make some new friends, and for the many benefits of sport participation.
  8. Schedule time for active family fun: evening bike rides, a rally on the tennis courts, family walks, hikes, swimming at the community pool… schedule your family’s active time as you would any meeting or appointment. Be an active role model!
  9. Active family vacations: Plan an active one and if possible, bring along the toys and equipment that will make it easier… things like tennis racquets, skateboards, beach balls, bikes, water toys, hula hoops, balls, and more. I’ve got more ideas here!
  10. Fun in your own backyard: Turn on the sprinkler, pull all the toys out of the garage or shed (roller blades, skateboards, baseball gloves and balls, beach balls, basketballs, jump ropes, badminton equipment, etc)., and leave your kids and their friends to it. Unstructured and creative play is good for kids.

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