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TAC Sports: passing along a passion for sport participation

Dec 22, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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The kids are out of school for winter break and they’ve already logged more hours in front of the TV, computer or some kind of ‘screen’ than you’d care to admit. Am I right? In a recent feature, I wrote about the allure of screens, the importance of limiting the time our children spend glued to them, and about how vital physical activity is to their health — ours too.

Today I had some fun visiting a winter break camp in Toronto, run by TAC Sports. I stopped in to visit their weekend tennis program just recently, and was so impressed, that I wanted to see their multi-sport camp in action. Although I arrived during the camp’s lunch break, the massive gym, divided into two, could easily accommodate the large group of children, ages 4-14, who were clearly eager to finish their lunches in order to return to playing soccer, basketball and tennis, as well as those who could hardly wait to put on their swimsuits for an afternoon splash. One thing I know for certain — these kids will have all exceeded the daily minimum of one-hour of heart-pumping activity recommended as part of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines… and they’ll probably sleep well too!

But happy campers (and parents) don’t just create themselves — and TAC Sports, owned by Adib Razavi and Alexander Arthur, seems to have a magic formula for getting kids hooked on sport. A low coach to student ratio; program diversity (even programs for the ‘non-sporty’ child); year-round programming; programs that cater to the recreational and competitive interests of children and youth; acclaimed in-school programs ; a commitment to staff development; leadership opportunities for teens; and even programs for parents to enjoy while their kids participate in programs.

My observation is that the TAC team has a genuine interest in each of their participants and derives a genuine joy in working with them. With sport participation continuing to decline in Canada, witnessing TAC’s coaches share their skill, passion and love of sport with our nation’s youngest athletes, reinforces the important role we can each play in advocating for opportunities for sport participation and active play for all.

All ages. All abilities. A healthier, happier generation of kids!