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Tweets of the week: Sleeve vs. sleeve, Vika’s Canadian connection, the GOAT lob

Jul 03, 2015
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada
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Nick Kyrgios is stealing spotlights everywhere he goes.

The Australian’s tennis has been pretty spectacular so far, including during his upset win over Milos Raonic, backing up all the talk and controversy about basically everything else he does, from his hair to headbands to outbursts to… well, you’ll see.

The whole sleeve-on-sleeve thing caught crazy fire this week, for instance.

How’s this for ridiculous rules? THAT KYRGIOS, SUCH A TROUBLEMAKER.

If he’s not gonna be the LeBron of tennis, maybe he’s trying to be the Marshawn?

Nick even screws up in style.

The real headline.

“BOSS,” lol.

Earlier in the week, Raonic dished Tommy a bagel that the German would rather forget…

Okay, other things happened in London this week too. LIKE RAFAEL NADAL LOSING TO DUSTIN BROWN.

This was the track that inspired Brown to oust Rafa, ‘case you were wondering.

Brown earned a TON of new fans with the win, and caught Sloane’s attention.

Rafa’s winning in the kitchen at least.

Let’s also not forget about THIS.

Highs and lows of life at Wimbledon.

Speaking of adjustments…

Oh, Andy.

Wait, what?

Wait, what? Part II

World No. 1/bird whisperer


Obvs if you walk this cool…

… you hang with the coolest.


And honourary Canadian Jack Sock, toughing it out with Vashy in defense of their Wimbledon title.

Laura Robson’s return to Wimbledon was brief… and sweaty.

@wtareactions was on fire this week. A few favourites…

First, the GOAT of GIFables.

Nah, she cannot be serious.

Been there.

Laura retweeted this one, btw. 😀

Finally, happy Friday everyone!