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20 reasons kids deserve an active childhood

Mar 03, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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When we were kids, we climbed trees, hopped fences, and despite the bandaids on our knees, elbows and chins, just kept going. If you’re like me, you didn’t want to miss a beat.

95 percent of children and youth growing up in Canada today fall short of the physical activity they need. Today I’m sharing 20 reasons our kids need (and deserve) the active childhoods we enjoyed.

  1. Active kids have more FUN
  2. Physical activity makes kids happier and healthier
  3. Regular physical activity encourages healthy, life-long habits
  4. An active lifestyle can lead to a better night’s sleep
  5. To learn to set realistic goals and work towards them
  6. Active kids perform better academically
  7. Improved mental health
  8. To learn new skills
  9. For a stronger family bond
  10. Active kids have more confidence and higher self-esteem
  11. To develop sport-specific skills like speed, agility, power and endurance
  12. To gain independence
  13. To learn how to win and lose with grace, dignity, and honour
  14. For an increased sense of community and belonging
  15. Improved hand-eye and whole body coordination
  16. A healthier body image
  17. An active childhood develops physical literacy
  18. To be an active role model for siblings, friends, and others
  19. To acquire the confidence to take risks
  20. To make new friends

At Tennis Canada, we’re working with our partners and provincial and territorial associations to help ensure every child has the opportunity to play tennis. Regular tennis participation for children of all ages and abilities is a fantastic way to help them acquire the 60 minutes/day of physical activity they need for optimal health. Learn more about tennis in your community and tweet with us @Tennis_Canada.