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Fan MVP of the month: Kristina Borojevic

Apr 03, 2016
written by: Heather Marrin
written by: Heather Marrin
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Beloved by an estimated one billion people on the planet (yes, we just said one billion), it seems our adoration for tennis is shared by many. In light of this fun fact, we thought it was time we let these incredibly important players in the game take centre stage, and get to know some of the most valuable fans in Canada. So without further ado, meet Kristina Borojevic, this month’s MVF!

Name: Kristina Borojevic

Age: 21

Social: @kikiborojevic

Number of years as a tennis fan: 12


Early career:

I didn’t start out liking tennis. My aunt used to babysit me when I was little and she would play reruns of the Australian Open or Wimbledon and I always said it was “boring”. After a while tennis started to grow on me, I began watching it on my own and asked my aunt about the rules and the different types of shots, and the love for the game began. The athleticism and mental strength of the players is definitely the most admirable part of the game for me.

Most recent diehard moment:

I’m finishing my fourth year of university and I’m missing my final classes as well as exam prep to go to Charleston, South Carolina, and watch Genie play… My professors thought I was joking when they heard the news. Oh well, #WeBelieveInBouchard!

Update: It worked out!

Player vs. spectator?

I like to play but unfortunately don’t get to hit the courts that often because of school. Playing is so much fun and it’s the best workout you could possibly have!

Favourite shot:

I can’t choose between the backhand down-the-line or a drop shot. In my opinion the backhand DTL is one of the most difficult shots in the game, especially on the run or at full stretch, so being able to hit it is just an incredible feeling. The drop shot, on the other hand, is just pure evil towards your opponent and nothing beats the look they give you across the net when you hit a perfect drop shot (sorry to all my friends that I’ve done this against!).

Favourite pro:

Male? Novak Djokovic. There are players I have been a fan of longer, like Federer, but seeing Nole’s transition from pre-2011 (the breathing problems, the 20+ ball bounces between serves, etc) into the form he’s been in these past few years is just remarkable. His tennis looks effortless and he’s untouchable lately. His flexibility and defence is on another level from the rest of the tour and he’s a wonderful human, too! As for my favourite female pro, Eugenie Bouchard (no Canadian bias). I love watching Genie play and organize my days around her tournament schedule all the time. Her backhand is top class, her return of serve is one of the best in the women’s game, and she’s such a fighter. I really admire her and truly believe she is a future World No. 1 that is able to win all the Majors at least once.

Favourite Grand Slam Tournament:

For me, nothing beats the Australian Open. It’s the first Grand Slam of the year, all the big names are in the same place for the first time, and it’s always world class tennis for two weeks. As painful as it is, I love being awake all night watching tennis and going to bed around 7 am. Plus, it’s funny to see all your teacher’s faces when you explain that your all-nighter was for tennis, not their homework assignments!

Favourite Rogers Cup moment:

In 2015 I got to watch every match Belinda Bencic played en route to winning the title, beating players like Bouchard, Caroline Wozniacki, Sabine Lisicki, Ana Ivanovic, Serena Williams (!), and Simona Halep along the way. To see a teenager conquer such a draw was incredible, and something incredible like this always happens at Rogers Cup year after year! On top of high quality tennis there are always fun interactive games to do around the site along with access to meet all the top players – what’s better than that? (The answer is nothing, duh!)

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