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Who will you introduce to tennis this spring?

Apr 20, 2015
written by: Catherine Cameron
written by: Catherine Cameron
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All over Canada, community tennis courts and clubs are preparing to open. Players of all ages and abilities are eager to return to the game they know and love, but if you’re new to the game, there’s never been a better time to give it a try.

Canadians have caught the tennis “bug” like never before! More of us are watching our star players; more of us are cheering from the stands; and more of us are picking up our racquets.  We’re enrolling our kids in lessons and camps, we’re teaching our kids a few tennis basics, and many of us (myself included!) have returned to the game we loved as kids.

Who will you share your love of the game with and invite to join you on the courts this spring? Some friends? Your kids? A neighbour? A colleague from work? In doing so, you’ll not only grow your own tennis community, you’ll be a hero, putting others on the path to increased health, happiness, and fun!

Need helping convincing a tennis newcomer to join you on the courts? These tips can help:

  • For starters, share my top 15 reasons to take up tennis!
  • Provide your guests with the tools they’ll need: a racquet, some balls, a water bottle, towel… and bring along extra sunscreen.
  • Pack some healthy snacks for refueling – and some extra water bottles.
  • Help them prepare to hit the courts with some basic stretches and a short warm-up.
  • Introduce them to the game slowly. See our equipment checklist and review a few basic rules of the game.
  • Follow their lead. If your guests are tired or over-heated, take frequent breaks or cool off in the shade.
  • Focus on fun – enjoy some laughs, take some photos, make some memories!
  • Plan your next tennis get-together and make a point of inviting others to join you.

Find a court or club in your community or get information on building tennis communities here.

Here’s to a fantastic tennis season ahead!

Catherine Cameron
Senior Lifestyle Writer & Active Living Ambassador, Tennis Canada