Ontario 50/50 Winning Tickets

A-6688686JACKPOT WINNERLynda Hope
A-2413888Early Bird 1Beth Gould Crotty
A-8757554Early Bird 2Chris von Heymann
A-5006519Early Bird 3Susan Bassili
A-4189767Early Bird 4Jules Alie

Alberta 50/50 Winning Tickets

B-1004223JACKPOT WINNERCecille Quinto-Ireland
A-1000863Early Bird 1Benjamin Ledda
A-1005423Early Bird 2Karen Spiers
C-1004740Early Bird 3Karthikeyan Thangamani

How does the 50/50 raffle work:

1. Buy a ticket

Buy a ticket to enter a specific raffle.

2. See if you’ve won

See if you are the winner during the draw.

3. Claim your prize

Pickup your prize winnings.

4. support tennis

Half of the proceeds will go towards supporting the next generation of Tennis.

Ontario Raffle License Number: RAF 1249314
Alberta Raffle License Number: RAF 602826