“Being a part of Bianca’s success was an incredible high! Across the company from the top down, you could feel the energy and excitement to keep the momentum moving forward.  The dream came true for so many involved, and the planning and focus continues. You wonder…who’s next? Michael has a passion for tennis on all levels, whether he is being interviewed, presenting to staff or communicating to stakeholders. His emphasis is on creating more covered courts across Canada so people of all ages can take up this lifetime sport for health and enjoyment throughout every season.”

Lesley Stiles
Executive Assistant

“I thoroughly enjoy working on Michael’s team as each day is different and challenging. With Michael’s leadership, we continue to push ourselves into new and exciting areas, while keeping our focus on growing the game and achieving our mission of being a world-leading tennis nation.”

Ben Makarenko
Director, Marketing and Digital Innovation

Eugène Lapierre

“I look back sometimes at the first year I started working at Tennis Canada in 1993. A young university student not knowing where this part-time Assistant Coordinator position in the Ticketing department was going to lead to. When I completed my degree, I was offered a full-time position; I jumped on the opportunity! How could I refuse the chance to be part of the organizing committee of an international sporting event? Over the years, the tournament and the team have grown substantially: From a team of 8 to 60 full-time employees in Montreal and from 80,000 spectators in 1993 to close to a quarter-million in 2019. I am so proud to be part of this incredible success! Today, many years later and as Regional Director, Ticketing for the Montreal office, I still repeat the same 4 words every day: I love my job!”

Paola Toribio
Regional Director, Ticketing

“Meetings are often interrupted for Eug to tell us about an exciting match or how a player returned an impossible ball, with a big smile on his face. It is contagious and it reminds us why we are working so hard to organize our tournament!”

Geneviève Marchand
Senior Manager, Event Operations

Hatem McDadi

“I love working in the High-Performance team because we are like a family. Caring, teamwork and knowledge sharing are values we share every day. We have a lot of freedom in our work because the trust between everyone reigns, and this pushes us to always give the best of ourselves. Everyday work is full of challenges, innovation, and twists and turns. We are fortunate to travel, to be in touch with young developing athletes and to have the feeling of helping them reach their dreams. I would never change this team for any other. Working in Hatem and Louis’s team is a privilege and I am grateful to be part of it.”

Virginie Tremblay
National Fitness Coach

“When working for the tennis development department, you are part of a team where dignity and respect are at the forefront. Hatem’s passion for tennis is heartfelt, having himself been involved in various aspect of the sport. For the past years, Hatem has led our team in a similar way he has himself played the game: with patience, hard work and a positive attitude which inspires us to pursue excellence and accountability. With Hatem, we strive to improve the lives of Canadians through tennis.”

Marie-France Mercier
Manager, Coaching Department

Hélène St-Amand

“I truly enjoy working at Tennis Canada. The finance team is a group of amazing people who strive their best to be supportive for our organisation. Led and inspired by our intelligent CFO, Helene, together we are a strong team that you can trust.”

Stefanie Mu
Payroll Specialist

“Being involved in acquiring and supporting the talent that works to better Canadian tennis at all levels is something I’m very proud of. I would not be able to do so without the support and trust from my team and Hélène. Hélène is a leader in many ways but one of the qualities I admire the most is her ability to motivate others, always with a touch of humour.”

Alexandra Landry
Coordinator, Human Resources

Robert Swann

“Working with Rob and the Stadium Sales Team makes coming to work a joy. We celebrate our wins together and it’s incredibly satisfying knowing that the revenue we collectively bring in is invested back into growing our sport across the country!”

Vicky Robinson
Regional Director, Ticketing

“Working at Tennis Canada is first and foremost working with pride! The pride to push our sport with excellence but also to encourage the youngest to take a racket and discover tennis! In corporate partnerships, under Rob and Claude’s leadership we make sure that both customers and fans get something out of it; therefore, the variety of tasks to be accomplished is immense and also very stimulating! We learn about all areas, every day. And the best part is the team spirit…. without a doubt!”

Audrey Boyle
Senior Account Manager


Gavin Ziv

“When I go to the office for my workday it is always with a smile. I know I’m going to have a great day because I work with amazing colleagues. There are never any sad days here and even if you get a little “down” at the office there will be someone to make you laugh and make your day great. Teamwork is important in our organization and Gavin is the perfect example of that. With him, we know what is expected of us and where we are going as a team. Excellent manager, but also a human with beautiful values with whom it is always pleasant to chat on any subject.”

Francis Milloy
Coordinator, Professional and National Events, Quebec

“For most people ‘Work life’ and ‘Home life’ are treated and managed as two separate parts of their lives. Gav’s ability and honest desire to create a family work environment that allows us to challenge each other, complete with each other and share in successes with each other is what makes working for Tennis Canada a unique experience. We all work as hard as we do (by the sweat of our brow), because we don’t want to let him down!”

Greg Jauncey
Manager, Operations