Tennis Development Centre (TDC) Program

September 1st to August 31st

The TDC Program is a “support program” designed to work with junior competitive development programs across Canada. The TDC program is a key component of the overall player development plan of Tennis Canada and it’s mission of developing world class players. The TDC Program is the key means of how Tennis Canada both works with and supports year round junior development programs across Canada. The program annually rewards indoor clubs/academy’s meeting program requirements and player results with benefits and services. The program requirements are tied into Tennis Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model.

Goals of TDC Program

The overriding goal of the TDC Program is for indoor clubs/academy’s to be able to receive support and be rewarded for their achievements in developing provincial, national, collegiate and international players. Each TDC is provided with an automated monitoring tool that is closely tied into the LTAD which allows the TDC to monitor their overall program which includes: coaches, players and competition.

Support Provided to TDCs

Tennis Canada, in conjunction with our Provincial Tennis Associations provides various levels of support depending on the reward level of the TDC. This support can come in various forms including: financial grants, National Coach visits, free Kids tennis equipment, grants for running Under 9 & 10 Future Stars tournaments, participation in the TDC Cup Team Competition, , ¾ court lines grant, National Bank Open grounds passes, recognition on the Tennis Canada and TPA websites, as well as free seminars/conferences. The National Bank Little Aces program, a recruitment and development program for 6-8 year olds, is another key benefit of the TDC Program. The program aims to improve the overall development of these young players with the goal of retaining them in the competitive stream of tennis. This will lead to a much larger pool of young competitors, ultimately resulting in future Canadian Champions. There is support for 16 TDC’s in total. The selected TDC’s that have been rewarded Gold, Silver and Bronze as well as the top rated Red TDCs will have access to the program. Selected TDC’s will receive grants to enhance the training of identified players. Please reach out to for more details.

How to Apply to become a TDC

Clubs must be a member and/or in good standing with their Provincial Tennis Association. Before applying for a TDC status, a club must ensure that they currently meet the minimum program structure and coaching requirements criteria. As well, by the end of the year, the club must meet the tournament hosting requirements and must have the minimum number of players competing as per LTAD required number of tournaments. See Minimal Criteria Chart for details. Once the program structure and coaching requirements are met, the Club should contact the TDC Program Director and fill in an application form. All applications will be reviewed by the end of July of each year.

Click here to consult the minimum criteria to become a TDC.

How to receive your TDC reward support

The TDC online automated Monitoring tool, which will allow TDC’s to track key program components such as coaches, players, competition and annual plans will also act as an evaluation tool. The TDC evaluation, (monitoring tool) which is ongoing throughout the year, begins September 1st and ends August 31st. TDC’s will add/update key initial information in regards to their program, coaches and players by October 31st. All TDC Performance Rewards will be determined at the end of August and announced in early September.

The TDC’s minimum and performance reward level is based on a point system that provides points in 4 key areas with associated weighting: