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National Training Centres

In September 2007, Tennis Canada opened its doors to a full-time National Training Centre (NTC) for the first time. Under the leadership of world renown coach Louis Borfiga, who ran a similar program for the French Tennis Federation, identified talent aged 13-17 is provided with the training, coaching and resources necessary to succeed at the top levels of the sport. Operating national training centres is recognized as an international best practice where players can be regrouped in one location to hone their technical, physical and tactical fundamentals, garner top level international competitive experiences, manage life on the junior circuit as a precursor to the professional tours, and develop team identity and values to represent Canada on the international stage. The full-time program is run out of Uniprix Stadium in Montreal where there are 12 indoor hard courts, four indoor clay courts, state-of-the-art amenities, on-site physiotherapy and schooling.

In addition, three National Junior Training Programs (NJTP) have been created in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to act as regrouping centres for promising U14 talent in those regions. The centres are supplementary training programs designed to support club leaders, personal coaches and parents to enrich the current training and competitive environment for top performing athletes. These three programs act as feeder systems into the full-time NTC.

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Full-Time National Training Centre Participants

Full-Time National Training Centre Participants


  • Felix Auger-Aliassime
  • Alexis Galarneau
  • Victor Krustev
  • Jack Mingjie Lin
  • Nicaise Muamba
  • Joshua Peck
  • Charlotte Robillard-Millette
  • Katherine Sebov
  • Benjamin Sigouin


  • Bianca Andreescu*
  • Ariana Arseneault
  • Sofiya Babych
  • Jada Bui
  • Ashton Cross
  • Daniel Fainblum*
  • Christopher Heck
  • Nick Lagaev*
  • Alex Lu Brindtha Ramasamy*
  • Natasha Sengphrachahn
  • Marco Stakovic
  • Alvin Tudorica

*Athletes in transition to full-time NTC program in Montreal

Andre Labelle
Dean Coburn
Bogdan Grygorenko
Clement Golliet – Fitness
Dr. Michael Clarfield – Sports Medicine
Marlene Nobrega – Physiotherapist

Toronto National Junior Training Program Participants

2000 (U16 – 2nd year / playing ITF/WTA circuits)

  • Bianca Andreescu*
  • Brindtha Ramasamy*

2001 (U16 – first year / playing ITF junior circuit)

  • Daniel Fainblum *
  • Nick Lagaev *

2002 (U14 – 2nd year)

  • Christopher Heck
  • Alvin Tudorica
  • Sofiya Babych
  • Ariana Arseneault
  • Natasha Sengphrachahn
  • Jada Bui

2003 (U14 – first year)

  • Alex Lu
  • Ashton Cross
  • Marco Stakovic

*Athletes in transition to full-time NTC program in Montreal

Coaching staff

  • Andre Labelle
  • Dean Coburn
  • Bruno Agostinelli Jr.
  • Bogdan Grygorenko
  • Clement Golliet – Fitness

Sports Science team

  • Dr. Michael Clarfield (Sports Medicine)
  • Marlene Nobrega (Physiotherapist)

Montreal National Junior Training Program Participants

NTC Montreal Diagram

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  • Sebastien Collard Elisabeth Desmarais Gabriel Diallo
  • Alex Antoine Marquis


  • Laura Vasilescu


  • Jaden Weekes Anabelle Xu
Frederic Niemeyer
Mira Teodorescu
Andre Parent – Fitness

Vancouver National Junior Training Program Participants

  • Sabrina Alano
  • Leena Bennetto
  • Jack Davis
  • Jesse Gong
  • Jerry Huang
  • Lawrence Ivanov
  • Rosie Johanson
  • Alexandra Nielsen
  • Ella Nielsen
  • Henry Noroozian
  • Aaron Pilbert
  • Elizabeth Prilepin
  • Henry Ren
  • Lachlan Robertson
  • Jovan Sihota
  • Ronik Sihota
  • Danielle Tuhten
  • Alexandra Vagramov
  • Luka Vukovic

Oded Jacob
Roberto Brogin
Kamil Pajkowski
Sergey Nazarov – Fitness

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