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National Training Centre & Regional Training Centres


In September 2007, Tennis Canada opened its doors to a full-time National Training Centre (NTC) for the first time.

Under the leadership of world renowned coach Louis Borfiga, who ran a similar program for the French Tennis Federation, identified talent with an average age of 13-17 is provided with the training, coaching and resources necessary to succeed at the top levels of the sport. Operating national training centres is recognized as an international best practice where players can be regrouped in one location to hone their technical, physical and tactical fundamentals, garner top level international competitive experiences, manage life on the junior circuit as a precursor to the professional tours, and develop team identity and values to represent Canada on the international stage.

To ensure the success of the program:

  • Tennis Canada has recruited internationally renowned tennis coaches, physiotherapists and tutors to provide athletes with qualified staff to support them in all aspects of their development.
  • All of the amenities are state-of-the-art, including a fully-equipped gym, 12 indoor and 12 outdoor hard courts and four indoor clay courts. NTC players possess all resources necessary to succeed at the sport’s highest level.

2017 marks the tenth year of the NTC.

Since it’s inauguration, Borfiga’s expertise is already producing promising results and has placed Canada amongst the world’s top tennis nations.

Within the last five years:

  • NTC players have captured four junior Grand Slam singles titles, an accomplishment never before realized in Canadian tennis history.
  • Canadian players have reached ten Grand Slam finals, eight in juniors and two at the professional level.
  • Two Canadian players, Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard, have also been ranked in the Top 5 of their respective tours.

There is still a lot of work ahead, but Canadian tennis has many reasons to celebrate its tenth anniversary.


In addition to the National Training Centre in Montreal, three Regional Training Centres have been created in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver to act as regrouping centres for promising U14 talent in those regions. The centres are supplementary training programs designed to support club leaders, personal coaches and parents to enrich the current training and competitive environment for our top performing athletes. These programs act as feeder systems into the full-time NTC.

In September 2017, a fourth Regional Training Centre will open in Calgary.

Montreal Full-Time National Training Centre

Ruben Alcantara: National coach

André Barette: Academic Consultant

Louis Borfiga: Vice-President, High Performance

Sylvain Bruneau: National coach

Simon Larose: National coach

Martin Laurendeau: National coach

Guillaume Marx: National coach

André Parent: National Fitness coach

Nicolas Perrotte: National Fitness coach

Ralph Platz: National coach

Daniel Racine: National Training Centre Driver

Virginie Tremblay: National Fitness coach

Toronto Regional Training Centre

Ariana Arseneault

Ashton Cross

Spencer Keung

Josh Lapadat

Alex Lu

Stefan Simeunovic

Marina Stakusic


André Labelle – Head Coach

Dean Coburn

Bogdan Grygorenko

Nikolai Haessig

Clément Golliet – Fitness coach


Sports Science team:

Dr. Michael Clarfield (Sports Medicine)

Marlene Nobrega (Physiotherapist)

Montreal Regional Training Centre

Jaden Weekes

Anabelle Xu

Frédéric Niemeyer – Head Coach

André Parent – Fitness Coach

Virginie Tremblay – Fitness Coach

Vancouver Regional Training Centre

Stewart Aronson
Danny Bao
Leena Bennetto
Raul Dobai
Matthew Dubas
Keita Duclos
Jessie Gong
Alexandra Neilsen
Ella Neilsen
Aron Pilbard
Christopher Radloff
Henry Ren
Lachlan Robertson
Jovan Sihota
Danielle Tuhten
Alexandra Vagramov
Cloe You

Oded Jacob  – Head Coach

Roberto Brogin

Kamil Pajkowski

Sergey Nazarov – Part-time Fitness Coach

Calgary Regional Training Centre

Chetanna Amadike

Kai Baerg

Adrian Jugovic

Mac Kim

Kaetan Mehta

Joshua Oboniye

Emmett Potter

Hana Gamracy

Alexia Jacobs

Alexandra Jewitt

Mia Kupres

Hailey Murphy

Gianna Oboniye

Martyna Ostrzygalo

Aurora Pedwell

Nawal Issam Youseff

Emma Rutherford

Alan Mackin – Head Coach

Jason Vescovi – Sports science lead

André Parent, Nicolas Perrotte, Virginie Tremblay – Fitness coaches