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UTR and Tennis Recruiting

Tennis Canada recommends two important tools for prospective U.S. College student-athletes to use that will help the athlete find the right school and as well, help college coaches recruit the Canadian athlete.

The two tools are used across the globe, the first is called Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) and the second is creating a profile on tennisrecruiting.net.

Please read below and get yourself started, these tools will set you up for success!


How to Find a Team Using the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)

The Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is becoming the principal resource that U.S.-based college tennis coaches use for prospecting student-athletes from around the globe and recruiting them to their roster.

This rating system was not only created as a tool for coaches to use to assess tennis athletes, but it is also used for athletes to seek out teams that are recruiting.

This rating system allows coaches to assess the level of athletes from around the world and it is rapidly becoming the standard in which a coach will use to decide whether or not they are going to recruit a player that will be at the same competitive level as their team.

The reason why UTR is so useful to college coaches is because it pulls data from other rating tools, including; ATP, WTA, ITA (collegiate tennis), ITF and as well the USTA.  UTR then provides a universal scale determining the playing level of a particular athlete and this rating system has now become the common denominator whereby players can compare themselves to other tennis athletes and as well the top tennis players in the world, such as: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

Tennis athletes can also use this system to locate appropriate level college programs, in which they would like to apply.

To learn more about the UTR system and why Canadian tennis players should get a UTR, click on the links below.


Tennis Recruiting Network

Why use the Tennis Recruiting Network?

TennisRecruiting.net provides services and content to these two audiences; juniors hoping to play college tennis and college coaches trying to identify recruits.

Juniors can update player profiles that college coaches monitor. They can also see how they stack up against other recruits in their class with the rank lists. Recruiting advice and other exclusive content is also available.

U.S. College Coaches use TennisRecruiting.net as a starting point for setting recruiting lists – and also as a tool for research. Coaches query the rich player database to identify recruits, and they watch the rank lists to track player progress.

Why should you register at TennisRecruiting.net?

Registration at TennisRecruiting.net is free – and it is your ticket to TennisRecruiting.net services and content.

For junior players, registration allows you to update information for college coaches to query. You can also validate your graduation year to ensure that you are included in our lists.

Everyone who registers gets access to the complete College Recruiting and TennisRPI Lists – along with access to many of our player profiles and much of our exclusive content.

To create your free account please click here.