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Canadian Tennis Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Tennis Canada Hall of Fame, where players and builders of tennis are recognized for their significant contributions to the sport in Canada.

Established in 1991, the Canadian Tennis Hall of Fame (HOF) is one of just two of its kind in the world – the other being in Australia. Other than being inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, entry to the HOF represents one of the highest honours a Canadian player or builder can receive. Currently, the HOF has 73 members, made up of Players and Builders.

Simply consult the Criteria for Membership for more information on who is eligible to be inducted. If you would like to nominate someone, please fill out one of the nomination forms below:

Player Nomination Form
Builder Nomination Form

The Canadian Tennis Hall of Fame

2015 Bob Moffatt Builder
2011 Rene Simpson Player
2011 Sony Jeyaseelan Player
2009 Harold Milavsky Builder
2007 Richard Legendre Builder
2006 Dale Power Player
2006 Walter Martin Player
2006 John Beddington Builder
2005 Sébastien Lareau Player
2004 Patricia Hy-Boulais Player
2004 Jim Fleck O.C. Builder
2004 Pierre Lamarche Builder
2003 Martin Wostenholme Player
2003 Jacqueline Boutet C.M. Builder
2002 Andrew Sznajder Player
2002 Helen Kelesi Player
2002 Jane O’Hara Player
2002 Maurice Leclerc Builder
2001 Jill Hetherington Hultquist Player
2001 Jacques Hérisset Builder
2000 Don Fontana Player
2000 Dr. Susan Butt Player
2000 Josef Brabenec SR. Builder
2000 Robert Wright Builder
1999 Glenn Michibata Player
1999 Réjean Genois Player
1998 Carling Bassett-Seguso Player
1998 Grant Connell Player
1998 Marjorie Blackwood Player
1996 Faye Urban Player
1996 Harry Fauquier Player
1996 Keith Carpenter Player
1996 Hon. Francois Godbout Builder
1996 Ken Sinclair Builder
1996 Klaus Bindhart Builder
1995 Andrée Martin Player
1995 Florence Best Player
1995 Glibert Nunns Player
1995 Vicki Berner Player
1995 Garnett Meldrum Builder
1995 Lawrence Strong C.M. Builder
1995 Lucien Laverdure Builder
1994 Ann Barclay Player
1994 Bob Murray Player
1994 Mike Belkin Player
1994 Frank Flanagan Builder
1994 Harry Marpole Builder
1994 James Kirkpatrick Builder
1994 Jim Skelton Builder
1994 Roy Mansell Builder
1993 Eleanor Young Player
1993 Marcel Rainville Player
1993 Marjorie Leeming Player
1993 Olive Wade Player
1993 R.B. Powell Player
1993 Doug Philpott Builder
1993 Eddie Condon Builder
1993 Peter Dimmer Builder
1991 B.P. Schwengers Player
1991 Brendan Macken Player
1991 Charles Hyman Player
1991 Delano Osborne Player
1991 Henri Rochon Player
1991 Isidore F. Hellmuth Player
1991 Dr. Jack A. Wright Player
1991 Laird Watt Player
1991 Lois Moyes Bickle Player
1991 Lorne Main Player
1991 Louise Brown Player
1991 Robert Bédard Player
1991 Robert Watt Player
1991 Violet Summerhayes Player
1991 Willard Crocker Player