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Charles Hyman

Year Inducted1991 HometownLondon, Ontario

Major Accomplishments

Won the Canadian Open single titles in 1884, 1886-1889.
Captured the Canadian Open doubles titles in 1886 with Isidore F. Hellmuth and in 1889 with R.S. Wood.
First president of the Canadian Lawn Tennis Association and one of the 12 founding delegates in 1890.
Formed the London Lawn Tennis Club with Hellmuth.


Hyman won four consecutive Canadian Championships from 1886 to 1889. He also won the event in 1884 and was a finalist in 1883. He won the doubles titles (1886 and 1889) and was runner-up in 1887.

During his time as president of the Canadian Lawn Tennis Association (CLTA) he decided to adopt the rules of the All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon. This elevated the status of the Canadian Championship to the level of the other international events.

“Charles Hyman, was a dominant force on the tennis circuit for the latter half of the 1880s. He became the first president of the CLTA and, along with Hellmuth, played a crucial role in establishing the London Lawn Tennis Club. In 1881, alongside his tennis feats, Hyman was the mayor of London, Ontario (still a powerful city at the time), president of its Board of Trade, and its Member of Parliament for the recently defeated Liberal party. If there was a man who understood the imperatives for an emerging Dominion better than Hyman, one would be hard pressed to point him out. His closest rival, also his brother-in-law, was layer Isidore Hellmuth, also known for his staunch of courts across the nation,” (Peter Ustinov, Advantage Canada).

Hyman and Hellmuth were known for being the best well-rounded players of their time. They were able to mix up their shots and play from all positions on the court. Although Hellmuth brought the overhead serve to Canada it was Hyman that became the master as he could rely on his strength to power the ball over the net. He was a power player, but also very agile on court which made his style of playing very effective.