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Frank Flanagan

Year Inducted1994 Hometown

Major Accomplishments

Member of the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame.
President of Tennis New Brunswick for 12 years.
Council member of the Canadian Lawn Tennis Association from 1972-1983.
Administrator of the Year award from the national governing body in 1985.


Frank Flanagan’s contributions to tennis in Canada were largely in New Brunswick. However, Flanagan was a member of the Canadian Tennis Association governance, which is arranged differently today than it was back then. The association did not have a Board of Directors, but rather a governing council which consisted of all the provincial association presidents and Flanagan was president of Tennis New Brunswick for 12 years. Flanagan was very supportive of the association’s activities and an active member. He was a top player in New Brunswick and was highly ranked for a number of years.

Flanagan now has a senior position with the Town of Fredericton as a board member. He is a professional engineer and urban planner and has held the position of director of development services for the City of Fredericton since 2000.