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Rogers Community Team Tennis

What is Rogers Community Team Tennis?

Rogers Community Team Tennis is a tennis program that provides participants with the opportunity to combine practice and play, with a focus on skill development through match play. Games are played using the Kid’s Tennis format, which includes appropriate equipment (based on age and skill level) with corresponding court sizes. Players are placed on teams in a manner that ensures teams are of similar strength and the format ensures that players play matches against others of similar ability. Scores are kept and the results are counted towards a team’s overall score to ensure that every participant’s efforts are rewarded.

How is Rogers Community Team Tennis different from other programs?

Rogers Community Team Tennis operates much like a recreational house league, and fills the gap between lessons and tournament competition. This Rogers Community Team Tennis concept provides the participant the opportunity to play right away and be part of a team. Rogers Community Team Tennis introduces tennis as a game, where playing as part of a team is the main focus.

Children learn as they play and have fun while improving. As soon as they can start the point with a feed, they can play. This can be accomplished in the first few weeks of the season before official match play begins. Once match play begins the practice portion of each day of the Rogers Community Team Tennis program provides children with basic tips on how to improve their game for match play.

Why play Rogers Community Team Tennis?

As a player, you get to play right away! Leagues are set up to match players of similar abilities against one another. There is no need to wait until you’re at a certain skill level – simply, get better by playing! For juniors and new players, the league system is a great way to introduce them to competition.

By competing on a team, the pressure of winning or losing becomes less for the individual. Instead, every player does his or her best to contribute to the team’s success and have fun!

Benefits of Rogers Community Team Tennis programs


  • Team play increases social interaction which enhances the tennis experience and learning
  • Creates more friendships for participants
  • Helps retention rate
  • Growth for other tennis programs
  • Introduce competition in a friendly way = share wins and losses in competition with teammates
  • Assist you to accommodate different ages and levels into one program
  • Kids want to PLAY – similar to other sports
  • Skills develop through play
  • The key: FUN!

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